Launching R.A.R.E Art: Limited-Edition Digital Art to Display on your TV

John Zettler
Aug 15 · 4 min read

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New York, NY, August 15, 2019 — Today R.A.R.E Art is proud to officially launch its platform and marketplace for limited-edition digital art at! Buyers directly support artists, and can showcase their collections on TV screens with Chromecast, an HDMI cord, or the RARE Art Apple TV app (coming soon). All artworks are tracked on the Ethereum blockchain where authenticity is transparently preserved.

To artists, R.A.R.E Art offers a novel way to make money — selling limited-run digital prints directly to fans. This is in contrast to Instagram where digital creatives publish content for free, promoting themselves and growing a following, while hoping this attention leads to gigs. In practice, an Instagram post earns a like or a comment, whereas R.A.R.E offers cash and the opportunity for a new livelihood.

Naturel, Horse Gallop, 2019 (edition of 20)

To buyers, R.A.R.E Art offers a delightful new way to discover, collect, and display authentic digital art. Buyers can browse over 620 artworks from 140 artists to find something they love, and then broadcast it to any TV screen in any room. And because each artwork is limited-edition, when it’s sold out, no one else can have it!

“Our mission is to increase the total artistic output of humanity,” says John Zettler, CEO & CoFounder of R.A.R.E Art. “Artists use digital tools more than ever: digital cameras, video cameras, iPads, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop…all these tools output art that is digital. At the same time, the visual media we consume is entirely though screens today. R.A.R.E is simply infrastructure to capture value in the creation, and provide better outcomes for artists.”

Taj Francis, Slide, 2018 (edition of 10)

Digital media has historically suffered from a problem of infinite replication, but the blockchain introduces a new way to verify authenticity and manage rights. R.A.R.E Art mints certificates of authenticity for every artwork on the platform. These “certificates”, which are in practice tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, bestow a non-commercial display license to the buyer. Buy the artwork once, and display the art anywhere and everywhere (so long as it’s not for commercial purposes).

Artists are understandably enthusiastic. “I think there’s a generation of us digital artists that are going to embrace this 1000x over,” said Naturel, a Washington, DC based artist whose works hang in the home of Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Others, like California-based Brian Romero, preach the benefits of the blockchain: “Digital art…there’s no way to really say who owns it…But once you put it on the blockchain, then it becomes something very limited. Then you can control how many there are and say, ‘No, the only real ones are attached to this token.’”

Brian Romero, A Lambo Trip to the Moon, 2018 (edition of 21)

Buyer demand is in its early days, but the audience and collector-base for limited-edition digital art is growing. R.A.R.E Art has sold tens-of-thousands of dollars of art to hundreds of buyers in its marketplace, and “collectors are finding all sorts of new ways to show off their art,” says Zettler. Each purchase comes with a high-res download, which buyers have used to print on clothing, cardstock, tote bags and more. Today represents the launch of Chromecast TV display, with the RARE Art Apple TV app to follow.

Shown in TV display: Rain D. Spann, NEO-RARE, 2018 (edition of 1)

Creative and design-focused brands are also waking up to the opportunity. R.A.R.E has signed partnerships with skateboarding brands, fashion brands, and independent magazines. Currently for sale is a collage of digital photographs featuring skateboarder Eric Valladares in collaboration with Utmost.

Giancarlo D’Agostaro, Eric Valladeres Nollie Flip, 2019 (edition of 10)

But not just anyone with a camera phone can sell on R.A.R.E Art’s marketplace. “We screen, approve, and stand behind every artist that sells on R.A.R.E,” explains John Zettler. “This is very important to us — we are a site for high-quality art, not selfies from your latest vacation.”

To find limited-edition digital art for your home and beyond, please visit:

R.A.R.E Art ( is a marketplace for limited-edition digital art. Buyers can showcase their collection on their TV with Chromecast, an HDMI cord, or the RARE Art Apple TV app, and also get a high-resolution digital download to use for any non-commercial purpose. Certificates of authenticity on the Ethereum blockchain prove limited-edition authenticity and function as a license to use the artwork for any non-commercial purpose.

Rare Art Labs, Inc., the parent company of R.A.R.E Art, was formed in July 2018 by CoFounders John Zettler, Kevin Trinh, and Matthew Russo. The company has raised $1M to-date from investors including ConsenSys, Coinbase, Michelle Phan, and a number of crypto-focused angel investors.

If you enjoyed learning about R.A.R.E Art, please consider leaving us a 👍 review and showing your support on our Product Hunt page (here)!

R.A.R.E Art

Gallery and marketplace for limited-edition, blockchain-secured digital art.

John Zettler

Written by

CEO @RareArtLabs, a marketplace for blockchain-secured digital art.

R.A.R.E Art

Gallery and marketplace for limited-edition, blockchain-secured digital art.

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