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Fuse by Rari Capital is live.

An open interest rate protocol that supports any asset

It began just a few months ago. In December, me and the team were ideating what an isolated interest rate market would look like. Fast forward to now, we are shipping Fuse.

For those of you who don’t know, Fuse is a protocol that supports isolated interest rate markets. Pool creators can choose all the parameters they want: interest rate curves, oracles, etc. and then users can enter and exit positions in each of the pools. This is all done trustlessly and no longer requires lobbying to a DAO to list any given asset. Though, the Rari DAO has gone ahead and established some initial pools to play with.

The implications of a product like this are massive and unexplored. I see the product eating up all value in the world. There should be no assets just sitting there, everything should be working for you. We are already working with top oracle provider Chainlink to deliver on that vision to ensure that our users have as much customizability as possible. I’ll be following up in a couple days with a new post describing some of the applications of the protocol that I am most excited about.

I could keep on writing on for days describing the nuances and details of Fuse but honestly, just go try it out here.

What’s next for Fuse? Plenty more oracles (Balancer LP tokens, Uniswap LP tokens, Curve LP tokens, Yearn LP tokens, Alpha Homora LP tokens and MORE!), auxiliary products to facilitate liquidity migrations and a hell of a lot more.

Come talk in the Discord and let’s chat. Tell me your thoughts, what you think could be improved and everything. If you’re a developer, dive into our codebase and help us improve it!

Enjoy exploring the future of finance. Honestly, even beyond finance. Have fun exploring the future.

To learn more about Rari Capital, visit rari.capital. Stay connected and follow us on Twitter or reach out to help@rari.capital! If you’d like to chat, join our Discord!




Rari Capital enables individuals everywhere to access financial technologies previously limited to an elite few.

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