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Rari Capital x Aave — Generating More Yield

Aligning the future of Rari Capital with the Aavengers.

The Rari Capital team set out on a mission to empower our users with the highest yield possible. While the initial product had various different integrations like Compound Finance, dYdX and even 0x, we are now proud to announce our integration with Aave.

Our Aave integration rebalances between all of the stablecoins that Aave supports (Dai, USDC, USDT, sUSD, BUSD) to ensure that we are constantly achieving the highest yield. As a user, there is nothing that you need to do to reap the significantly higher rewards.

We are ecstatic to be collaborating with Aave and providing liquidity to their platform as they lay the foundation for DeFi. We are excited to bring the Aavengers onto the Rari Capital platform!

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing LOTS of new things!

To learn more about Rari Capital, visit rari.capital. Stay connected and follow us on Twitter or reach out to help@rari.capital!



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