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Rari Capital’s Week #29 Track

Under the hood of Rari Capital this past week.

You have arrived at the 29th Rari Track! This is my opportunity to share with the Rari Capital Racers and the overall ecosystem everything we have been up to this past week. Rari Tracks are designed to inform the community of the latest news, product launches, governance proposals, and more! If you are interested in learning more about Rari Capital, follow our Twitter and join our Discord.

Give it a read and reach out with any questions! 👏


  • TVL over $380,000,000
  • New Fuse Pools: mStable Pool
  • Fuse Pools coming soon: Badger, Yam, and Gelato
  • Tetranode’s Locker passes $200,000,000 in supplied liquidity
  • 3-year tokenomics plan executed through on-chain governance

💸 Financials (at time of writing):

Fuse Real-Time Dashboard: https://metrics.rari.capital/d/NlUs6DwGk/fuse-overview?orgId=1&refresh=5m

  • TVL: $384,654,318
  • Unclaimed fees (Fuse): $201,000
  • Unused reserves (Fuse): $209,000
  • Estimated monthly fees (Fuse): $105,000
  • Staked ALCX: $36,800
  • Total RGT supply: 12,500,000
  • USDC Pool APY: 19.35%
  • DAI Pool APY: 18.33%

mStable Fuse Pool

Are you an mStable user? You can now lend and borrow all of the mStable tokens directly on Fuse! Fuse Pool #30 is controlled and operated by the mStable DAO: https://app.rari.capital/fuse/pool/30


After several weeks of discussion within the community and on the public forums, the DAO has successfully minted 2,500,000 RGT from a passing on-chain vote. This RGT was minted directly into the RGT Reserves Treasury and will be used for long-term sustainability and rapid growth within task forces.

Education Task Force

As task forces start to ramp up, we understand one of the major barriers of entry into DeFi and especially Rari Capital are the lack of educational materials. The education task force was created in hopes that the community comes together to build and create materials used to onboard the next billion users. There are no technical skills required and if you would like to contribute, please introduce yourself in the “Education” channel in our Discord.

Audit Updates

The Rari Capital developers have been working extremely hard getting all recent products/features to our audit firm, Quantstamp.

We are about to release the updated Fuse comptroller that will support:

  • Asset supply caps
  • Liquidity mining for Fuse pool owners
  • Permissionless pool creation

as well as many more developments on the way!

Refreshed Portal Beta

While I won’t say too much now, our frontend lead is preparing to launch the new beta of the new portal (beta.rari.capital).

Once it is ready for the testing stage, we will hold community calls for feedback and testing!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great week!

→ Jack (Twitter: @JackLipstone)

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Rari Capital enables individuals everywhere to access financial technologies previously limited to an elite few.

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