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Rari Capital’s Week #31 Newsletter

Under the hood of Rari Capital this past week.

You have arrived at the 31th Rari Newsletter! This is my opportunity to share with the Rari Capital community and the overall ecosystem everything we have been up to this past week. Rari Newsletters are designed to inform the community of the latest news, product launches, governance proposals, and more! If you are interested in learning more about Rari Capital, follow our Twitter and join our Discord.

Give it a read and reach out with any questions! 👏


  • TVL: $1,181,710,480
  • New Fuse Pools: NFTX
  • Fuse Pools coming soon: Fox and Frens, FRAX Pool
  • Tetranode’s Locker passes $650,000,000 in supplied liquidity
  • FeiRari DAO Pool Launches Liquidity Mining
  • Permissionless pools live

💸 Financials (at time of writing):

Fuse Real-Time Dashboard: https://metrics.rari.capital/d/NlUs6DwGk/fuse-overview?orgId=1&refresh=5m

  • TVL: $1,181,710,480
  • Unclaimed fees (Fuse): $587,000
  • Unused reserves (Fuse): $282,000
  • Estimated monthly fees (Fuse): $471,000
  • Estimated yearly fees (Fuse): $5,640,000
  • Staked ALCX: $60,000
  • Earned ALCX: $21,300
  • Total RGT supply: 12,500,000
  • USDC Pool APY: 15.13%
  • DAI Pool APY: 9.99%


This past week, NFTX officially deployed their Fuse pool! NFTX is community driven protocol that creates liquid tokens for NFTs. Each ERC20 is backed by NFT collectibles. The protocol also utilizes their governance token, NFTX, to facilitate all proposals and improvements to the ecosystem.

If you hold NFTX or PUNK, you can now lend/borrow these tokens! Fei and Frax are also seeding this pool through their Fuse bootstrapping mechanisms to provide liquidity instantly.

Fuse Pool: https://app.rari.capital/fuse/pool/31

FeiRari DAO Pool Liquidity Mining

As of this week, all Fuse pool owners can deploy their own liquidity mining program through the edit page. Pool creators can choose all of their own unique parameters through their own Rewards Distributor contract. If you are a pool owner and have any questions about this process, please reach out!

Seen above, Fei is the first pool owner to launch liquidity mining and their DAO is currently incentivizing TRIBE stakers with TRIBE rewards directly through this pool!

Permissionless Pool Creation

Over the past several weeks, we have been slowly rolling out permissionless pool creation. This new feature is a huge milestone for Fuse and now anyone and everyone can deploy their own lending/borrowing pool that supports any tokens from:

  • Chainlink
  • Uniswap V3
  • Sushi/Uniswap TWAPs

Create new pool here: https://app.rari.capital/fuse/new-pool

We also published a full guide that has both written and visual tutorials here: https://raricapital.medium.com/rari-capital-permissionless-fuse-pool-guide-ad4da19e0a17

Upcoming Fuse Pools

There have been several Fuse pools created since the launch of permissionless pool creation, and several of them are created and owned by DAOs.

ShapeShift DAO: Fox and Frens

Frax: Fraximalist Money

Both of these pools are currently going through the governance process for verification and we will make an official announcement once these pools are live on the main dashboard.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great week!

→ Jack (Twitter: @JackLipstone)

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