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What is Rari Capital?

The world is experiencing rapid change at an unprecedented rate. One of these large changes is in money, an idea central to every human experience, changing through progressive decentralization: empowering individuals instead of the state. With these tides for change only getting stronger and blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin ready to serve the people instead of the few, we began to wonder: how can we empower the individual to earn on these crypto-networks?

💡 Rari Capital delivers on that question. At our core, we build technologies that permit the masses to earn on their idle capital without any intervention by the user.

⚖️ In its current form, Rari Capital is a website where you can deposit your crypto-assets and we will automatically rebalance it into the highest-yielding stable opportunities. The opportunities we provide our users take advantage of the lego effect of DeFi protocols to deliver the never before seen high yields for a risk-averse mechanism (your deposit should never dilute in value…more on this coming soon!).

A picture live from our alpha. Not just some designs.

🧠 We began with lending platforms, as most do, but we add in our own spice of creativity: not just re-balancing between the protocols, but rebalancing between stablecoins as well! This allows us to increase our yields and when annualized, the fund is able to return significantly more yield. Our next series of strategies will continue to push our yield upwards and democratize access to tools previously limited to sophisticated traders and market makers.

💰 You’re probably wondering at this point: what type of returns can we generate? Currently, 1.3x Compound’s yearly DAI return with our current product. We plan to update with new strategies every couple of weeks, making us confident that we can achieve 2x at a minimum.

📅 So what can you expect from us? We will soon be pushing out a post that contains many more details about our risk and profit assessment frameworks and encourage an open forum to perfect them. Then, we will launch the first version of Rari Capital and see the reaction by the community. I am ecstatic for everyone to begin playing around with it and for each and every one of you to begin autonomously earning.

✅ If you haven’t already, sign up for the waitlist here. We are only just starting. I don’t want to just show you designs. Instead, I want you to watch us ship products that help you. We’re happy to have you. Thank you.

❤️ Special thanks to my awesome team: Jack Lipstone, David Lucid, Jeremy Meritt and Justin Yu.

To learn more about Rari Capital, visit rari.capital. Stay connected and follow us on Twitter or reach out to help@rari.capital!



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