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Cricket Strategy Game: Build your Team, Enter Contests, and Win Rewards!

The announcement of Rario’s Cricket Strategy Game — D3, created a buzz among cricket fanatics, and on popular demand, here’s the next segment of our game explainer series.

In the first part, we covered the basics of the game and how Rario Player Card NFTs can be acquired. With the game’s launch being only a few days away, now would be the perfect time to know more about its much-awaited rules and gameplay.

Build Your Team

D3 requires you to create a team of 3 players using Rario’s Player Card NFTs stored in your vault (To buy Rario’s Player Card NFTs click here). The rules for team creation are simple -

Card 1 — Batter (can use Wicket-Keeper or Allrounder as Batter)

Card 2 — Bowler (can use Allrounder as Bowler)

Card 3 — Any Player (Batter or Wicket-Keeper or Allrounder or Bowler)

  • Select a minimum of 1 player from both teams
  • The 3 selected players must be unique
  • Assign 1 player as ‘Captain’ (to score 2x points)

Enter Contests

Contests are your route to take part in a match and play for rewards. Entry to any contest is free of cost, provided you own the required combination of Rario Player Cards to make a team.

Cards are available in four tiers in increasing order of scarcity — Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Black.

Game Scoring

Your team’s point tally in D3 shall depend on three factors:

1. The Base Score

The Base Score depends on the actual performance of the players of your team in that match. Achievements such as the number of runs scored, boundaries hit, wickets taken, run outs effected, catches grasped, and so on — all count for points.

2. Tier Boost

The Tier Boost amplifies your score depending on the tier of the Player Card that you are using — a Bronze, Silver, Gold or a Black card.

3. XP Boost

The XP Boost is a boost upgrade that accumulates on your Player Card NFT as you use it to play matches. Hence, the more you play a particular Player Card the higher will its XP be, which implies a greater impact on your team’s score. Every new Player Card NFT that you procure begins from 0 XP and has a maximum XP ceiling that it can reach.

Keep playing with your cards, for FREE!

Since contests can be joined without any cost, a user owning Rario Player Cards can partake in as many matches as they want. This increases the utility of your cards which can be used to join contests across cricket matches in multiple leagues and tournaments.

Prizes upto $125K (₹1CR) shall be up for grabs during the upcoming CPL 2022 which begins on the 31st of August.

So, prepare your battalion of Rario’s Player Cards as the wait for the most prolific Cricket Strategy Game, D3, is coming to a close! Get your cricket outfits ready as the game launches on the 28th of August only on D3.club!

To become eligible to play this exciting game, you should hurry up and reserve Rario’s Player Card NFTs. Follow us on Twitter, Discord and Instagram for all the updates!



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