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Cricket Strategy Game: The Utility You’ve Been Waiting For

The time has come! Our community asked and we’ve delivered.

We’re super stoked to unveil the ultimate Cricket Strategy Game, with prizes up to $125K (₹1CR). Played using Rario’s Player Card NFTs, it is the world’s first officially-licensed cricket NFT game. The game is launching on 25th August 2022, a week before Caribbean Premier League (Season 10) kicks off on the 31st of August.

Thus far, Rario’s Moment NFTs enabled fans to own their favourite cricketing moments and flaunt their collection of the most epic plays. Now, through the all-new Player Card NFTs, fans can play the Cricket Strategy Game, and win handsome rewards too!

Here’s a preliminary rundown of the game and what’s in store for you:

What do I need to play the game?

The Cricket Strategy Game can be played using Rario Player Card NFTs which are unique NFTs of cricket players. These Player Card NFTs are the foremost requirement for playing the game and can be acquired through ‘Pack Drops’ or the ‘Marketplace’.

What are Pack Drops?

Pack Drops are events in which ‘packs’ of Player Card NFTs go up for sale on the Rario website, enabling users to buy a set of Player Card NFTs that can be used to play the game. Once the players inside a pack are revealed to the user, they get stored in the ‘Vault’. You can use these Player Card NFTs to play the Cricket Strategy Game.

Gear up for the next Pack Drop on the 8th of August, reservations for which have already begun!

What is the Marketplace?

The marketplace is a platform on Rario where you can trade your Player Card NFTs with other users for an amount you’re willing to sell for. Unlike purchasing packs where the identity of players is revealed only after they are added to your vault, you can use the marketplace to buy the player of your choice and from the desired tier. You can also sell off your surplus Player Card NFTs in the marketplace for a price you deem fit.

How to play the game?

The Rario Cricket Strategy Game requires you to build a team of 3 players from your vault of cards in a match. Your team must comprise at least one player from each side and a minimum of one batter and one bowler (more details on team creation to follow in upcoming blogs).

In order to play and compete in any match, you must make a team and enter a contest, which are of different levels. Entry to each contest is free with the only prerequisite being possession of Rario Player Card NFTs. After you pick the match of your choice, all you have to do is enter a contest and create a trio of players you feel is the best.

Winnings and Rewards — Prizes worth $125K(₹1CR)!

Points scored by you depend upon the performance of players in your team. The number of runs scored, boundaries hit, wickets taken, run-outs effected, catches grasped, and other such achievements during a match create a positive impact on your point tally. Your points are pitted against competitors in the relevant contest, and the top performers end up in the winning zone on the leaderboard. So buckle up and grab as many Rario Player Card NFTs as possible.

What sets the Cricket Strategy Game apart is that once you have cards in your vault, you can use them to play contests in as many matches as you want across cricket leagues and tournaments, free of cost!

The Cricket Strategy Game will be launched on the 25th of August, ahead of the start of the CPL on the 31st August. Well, we cannot wait for the game, can you?

To become eligible to play this exciting game, you should hurry up and reserve Rario’s upcoming pack drop from here https://rario.link/dNYKDl. Follow us on Twitter, Discord and Instagram for all the updates!



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