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Highlights of Rario’s AMA with Polygon

In its continuous efforts to reach out to the community and give people insider insights about the platform, Rario partnered with Polygon Studios for an AMA (ask me anything) session with the co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwa along with Rario co-founders Ankit Wadhwa and Sunny Bhanot. The insightful conversation threw light on the working of blockchain and the overall NFT ecosystem.

The AMA began with a brief introduction about Rario and Sandeep’s association with the brand and its co-founders.

The conversation swiftly shifted to ‘how current market conditions are impacting NFTs’. Sandeep explained that there are three types of NFTS: Art, Gaming and Entertainment/Engagement NFTs. He said Art NFTs, which are solely collectables and don’t have a utility, is the only category to have been impacted by market conditions while the other two remain largely unaffected. “Of course, more and more brands are experimenting with this (Gaming and Engagement NFTs) despite the market conditions,” Sandeep said.

After this, the question about why Rario recently moved to a private chain popped up. Sunny was quick to respond, saying, “With the recent partnerships we have done, the challenge we were facing was about scaling– the scale we are building for is very, very huge. While working on solutions, we came to the conclusion that unfortunately building that kind of a scale on a public chain would not allow us to get the desired TPS.”

Later, Ankit spoke on how blockchain has changed the dynamics of sports. “A lot of people watch cricket, especially in South Asia, but they have not had that connection with their sports stars in cricket as much. What NFTs and blockchain as technology are enabling for them is to own an asset and be a part of the game. There are several utilities that come attached to these assets.”

“With our entire ecosystem of partners and brand ambassadors, it is not just limited to the virtual space. We are extending the beauty and the benefits of owning an NFT to the physical world.”

Both Sunny and Sandeep also shared their views on this topic. They highlighted how deeply people are connected to cricket as a sport and ownership of NFTs could become a way for them to express their fandom and own a spot in the game itself.

During the last minutes of the session, Ankit revealed that Rario would be launching its first utility on 25th August in form of a web3 game called D3. Only people who own Rario’s player card NFTs would be able to be a part of this game. Talking on the same, Ankit said, “The ownership of the NFTs doesn’t just give you the access to the utilities but it also gives you benefits which are outside of the digital space (in-real-life (IRL) utilities).”

Before the concluding remarks, Ankit said an interesting line, which could be seen as an overall vision of Rario:

“It is no longer about viewership, it is no longer about popcorn, it is the excitement of moving to the zone of becoming a participant in the cricket ecosystem,”

If you are a cricket fan, you would definitely want to be a part of this revolutionary cricket ecosystem. Your first step towards this goal would be to own Rario’s player card NFTs, which are dropping on August 08. Click here to reserve, if you haven’t yet! For more, visit www.rario.com



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Mohsin Kamal

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