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The OGs have landed — legendary players to light up your gameplay this Diwali!

Sehwag’s audacious uppercut. Zak’s scorching yorker. KP’s galvanizing switch-hit. Jonty’s gravity-defying run-out.

Don’t these phrases take us back in time? Back down the memory lane when nothing mattered more than seeing our heroes’ script epic plays, day after day.

Well, we have cranked up the time machine and conjured portals in space-time to bring legendary players back into the modern times! They have carried their teams on their backs many, many times and now will have your back in the D3.club game in the T20WC and future tours.

Here is a run-down of the Hows and Whys:

Who are the OGs?

The OGs are a set of legendary players from a not-so-distant past who have enthralled us with their on-field exploits.

Now through our league and direct partnerships, we are bringing them back to turbo-charge your gameplay along with a host of other utilities that will be announced as we go along.

The OG’s are categorized in three buckets — veterans, titans and G.O.A.T depending on their past track record.

These include names like Sehwag, Zaheer Khan, Kevin Pietersen, Jonty Rhodes, Shoaib Akhtar and a big, big name that will be announced soon.

What utility will the OGs have in gameplay?

Right now, we will be launching OGs across India, Pakistan, South Africa and England. These OGs will have a specific playing position assigned to them. For example, Sehwag will be IND — Batter 1, while Jonty will be SA — Batter 5.

In any contests featuring the above four countries, you can use your OG card to get the base points for the actual player playing in that match.

Let us understand this using an illustrative example.

In an IND — SA game, let’s say you have the Sehwag OG card. This card is mapped to IND — Batter 1.

If Rohit takes strike as Batter 1 in the actual IND — SA match, then the base points scored by Rohit in the match will be attributed to your team.

Similarly, if you have the Morkel OG card, which is mapped as Bowler 1 and if Rabada opens the bowling for SA then you get his base points scored in the match.

The exact base points gained by your OG player in the D3.club contest will be visible on the contest leaderboard. This happens when the actual player comes out to play at the position mentioned on your OG player card. At this point, the playing position of the actual match player will be updated on the Stats tab in D3. Let the gains begin!

Can I use the OGs only during the World Cup?

This is the special part — you can use your OG cards whenever the respective team is playing a match and that contest is hosted on D3. They will always be part of the playing XI and will always earn you points!

For example, if IND — ENG play a bilateral series after the WC, you can use the OG cards to play D3 contests.

The OG cards will also have all other utilities that the respective card tiers will get. In addition, some of the OG cards will unlock special real-world benefits, which might include meeting your childhood hero in person! Watch this space as we reveal more details.

How can I get the OG cards?

We will have our first special OG series drop on Thu — 20th October where you can buy packs of your favorite OGs.

Each pack will have four OG player cards, one from each team i.e., IND, PAK, SA, ENG.

There will be 4 packs, as usual:

- Debut (4 bronze)

- Advantage (2 silver, 2 bronze)

- Champions (1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze)

- Legends (1 black, 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)

Very soon, we will also be launching “Picks” where you can buy your favourite OG on the primary marketplace. You can also trade your OG cards, like all other player cards, on the secondary marketplace as well.

Time to get legendary!

To know more about how OG cards will be used on D3.club, CLICK HERE!



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