Announcing the Rasa Contributor Program

The Rasa open source community is growing faster than ever. Today we are excited to announce a new community initiative — we’re introducing the Rasa Contributor Program!

What is the Rasa Contributor Program about?

Community is at the core of Rasa. Therefore, it’s important for us to create a space where people with different backgrounds and skills can find ways to get involved. The Rasa Contributor Program is designed to inspire our community members to contribute to open source and to make sure that their efforts and achievements are recognized within the community.

Rasa Contributor Program stages

The Rasa Contributor Program consists of three stages, each based on different levels of involvement and each with a bunch of different perks:

We believe that there are lots of different ways to contribute to the open source projects and it would probably be impossible to list them all. That’s why we’d love to learn about (and recognize!) your contributions regardless of whether or not they fit into the categories above. Let us know how you contribute to the Rasa community by sending us a message at!

Meet some of already existing Rasa Heroes and Superheroes

Did you know that some Rasa community members were Rasa Heroes and Superheroes long before officially launching the Rasa Contributor Program? Meet some of the people who are already doing exceptional work in the Rasa Community:

You can be a Rasa Superhero too!

It all starts somewhere. Regardless of how experienced you are in contributing to open source or growing communities, there are lots of great things you can achieve by taking part in the Rasa Contributor Program. We want to see you in our community, and most importantly: we want to help you grow as a contributor. Start contributing today and always feel free to ask for help or guidance by dropping us a message at!

Originally published at on April 18, 2019.