Days 14–16: Let’s get Sass-y

Day 14:

I found a nifty guide to getting started with Sass & Compass.

Apparently both are Ruby gems, which means hellooooo command line. It’s been a while since I’ve played around in the terminal but I figured the install wouldn’t be too crazy.

But of course I got an error when trying to install Compass. By the way, what is Compass, you ask? According to its website, Compass is an open source CSS authoring framework. But what is a CSS authoring framework? A CSS authoring framework helps you to create your own

Reading further, there was a comment about installing the development tools first. After a bit of searching on Google/Stack Overflow, I entered this command into the terminal:

Still didn’t work. So then I went to the source…the installation page on the Compass website.

Ok, now I was getting somewhere. But I still couldn’t install Compass. Instead, I received a new error:

I followed the instructions, “read” through the license & agreed. THEN I tried to install Compass again:


Day 15:

I found another tutorial on Sass & its features, but still searching for something where I can build a practice project.

During this tutorial, I was introduced to Sassmeister, which is a Codepen-like tool for practicing Sass.

Also, I did some coding at work. I gave my best attempt at rebuilding a section in a WordPress template from a slider plugin. It was rough & I had no idea what I was doing. The lead dev was probably like…

Developers like cats so yeah. —

Day 16:

Update on the work task: I sucked at it on my first try. Long story short, I extracted a hero image from a PSD & “coded” it in the homepage .php file BUT silly me didn’t realize that text in an image is a no-no. I had to go back and actually hardcode the text & navigation. Looking back on it now…I feel stupid that common sense didn’t work in my favor. Lesson learned: text in images is NOT great for SEO. So don’t do it. My goal is not to make the same mistake twice. Whenever I receive feedback from the lead, I take great notes so that I can reference them when I’m working on a similar task. Why reinvent the wheel?

I also started working through the WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap on Udemy. This course will directly impact the skills that I use in my current role — and hopefully make me suck a little less as a developer. Good thing juniors are expected to learn more than they are expected to know.

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