Angry Birds, 2016

Rovio is milking the franchise too much

I remember playing a very addictive physics based game involving flightless birds on a slingshot darting themselves at pigs. The idea was funny and addictive. I played it a lot. Then like other games, I grew bored of it and stopped playing it.

Rovio, the maker of the game franchise did not stop at that. They kept bringing a lot of games with little tweaks here and there, but never got me interested again. It was out my initial love for that game, I decided to watch this film.

The idea is simple. It is based on how the game plays out. The pigs steal the eggs and the birds get revenge. Making it a scripted animation could not introduce anything new. I was left searching for some common elements from the game. There are plenty of those but nothing that stands out as a unique movie experience.

Superhit songs are reprised, nothing new there either. The overall attempt felt average or rather tad bit below average. Recommended only if you are a die-hard fan of the original game. You can skip it otherwise.

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