All photos by Tal

New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor

May 14th, 2015

Checkpoint 1 of 3
Leaving NYSE
While waiting to enter, I snapped a shot of the front of the NYSE
CNN crew
In we go
Barclays Designated Market Maker

There used to be 5000 people here, now there are only 700.

How it works: Dru Stock (below) is a broker that gets a phone call/email from a client asking to buy 200,000 shares of JPMorgan Chase. Look above and you will see JPMorgan Chase & Co stock trading on the screen. There are six stations (like the one above) that each represent a portion of NYSE listed companies. The one above belongs to KCG, and it means that if any broker on the floor wants to buy JPM stock, they have to do it through KCG. KCG is known as a designated market maker, or specialists, and they match buyers with sellers.

I need this keyboard
Amanda from the KCG Designated Market Maker station
Intercontinental Exchange
Bullish life

Great field trip. Commodities exchange next?