RatingDapp Weekly Report (Apr. 28)

An Upturn of the Dapp Market

The transaction volume of ETH Dapps remained flat this week, while TRON and EOS Dapps regained their growth momentum. The transaction volume of TRON Dapps received an 81% growth on the WoW basis and reached $89.6 million. TRONbet, the frequent leader on the ranking, saw a 103% growth. The fast-growing TronWoW even received a 191% growth. Not to say the freshly listed Dragon Castle, made itself to the third place upon debut. The top 3 Dapps contributed 2.89 billion TRX, which shows that gambling Dapps are still highly influential among TRON Dapp ecosystem.

EOS Dapps received a 31% growth and hit $152 million. Among all the EOS Dapps, the high-risk ROI Dapp “EOS Global” stood out, contributed the most, over 6.15 million EOS in terms of transaction volume. However, it seems that a large proportion of its user accounts were control by scripts. Caution must be taken before investing in such kind of Dapps. ETH Dapps didn’t progress much, as their transaction volume been around $55 million over the past three weeks.

Dapp Weekly Transaction Volume (USD)

WAU of EOS Dapps Rose by 43%. Too Good to Be True?

In terms of weekly active users, ETH Dapps remained flat, saw only a 2% growth and 40,887 active users. As of TRON Dapps, due to the 14% drop of marketplace Dapps, the overall active users went down 5% and reached 160 thousand. On the other hand, EOS Dapps received a 43% growth and skyrocketed to 270 thousand active users. The high-risk ROI Dapp “EOS Global” brought in almost 100 thousand active users and caught the attention.

According to transaction data, there were 99,118 EOS accounts interacted with EOS Global during the week. Among them, 23% of the accounts were just created within this week. Take a closer look at the naming conventions. There are 855 accounts begin with “eosbtf,” and other 540 accounts begin with ”xxxxcc.” It’s unusual to have such vast amount of accounts having that high similarity on naming conventions. There are 75,298 accounts sharing common 6-character prefix with 50 or more other accounts, amounts to 76%. From the perspective of the number of used Dapps per account, 98,838 out of 99,188 accounts interacted with only EOS Global during the week. In sum, the boost of users on EOS Global seems to be manipulated by speculators. Users and Dapp developers should be aware of the potential risk.

Dapp Weekly Active Users
Dapp Weekly New Users

TRON Dapps

TRON Dapp Ranking by Weekly Active Users
TRON Dapp Ranking by Weekly Transaction Volume (USD)

EOS Dapps

EOS Dapp Ranking by Weekly Active Users
EOS Dapp Ranking by Weekly Transaction Volume (USD)

ETH Dapps

ETH Dapp Ranking by Weekly Active Users
ETH Dapp Ranking by Weekly Transaction Volume (USD)

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