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Medium is giving a chance for hard working creative people to create publications that can earn them income. Medium is the place every writer is coming to find inspiration, motivation, and now income. The internet has done what the printing press could not. Enter every home across the world. The greatest democratization of publishing in the history of humanity.

Medium is a solid platform giving us tools for publishing content. A place for people that like reading. As the Gospel of Visual Literacy gains traction due to the mobile phone explosion, reading is losing traction. Medium resist giving into bells and whistles that social media uses to seize attention with cheap parlor tricks. Medium wants their brand to mean quality content. Social media is similar to a digital Pavlov’s whistle, notifications make people react like salavating dogs every time they hear a bing. Medium is a growing, changing, a software helping us terraform the publishing industry.

This is the next stage, an evolution of desktop publishing. I found the Creative Exchange for Writers in a matter of minutes. I wish people would realize this is a revolution. We are insurgents against a standing army, we would not have means or resources to engage without the Medium platform. It allows hardworking, passionate, people to create not just articles but entire publications.

Our jaded sensibilities undercut the amazing achievement of Medium.

The Creative Exchange program must work for both sides to be feasible. The idea of earning a living through writing has been a goal since sixth grade. Now Medium is giving me a chance. It took me five minutes. Two Clicks.

Medium has found a way to manage the trolls. This platform allows people to have civil conversations in response, even when there is a disagreement. Some people are not intentional trolls they just speak from emotion. Like everyone in America is about this election.

I could have done this in one paragraph. A nice short piece ending with a link. Except, this is Medium. The beauty of the platform, we can write a piece’s as features, checklist, poems, stories, essays, not just SEO opitimized formulaic click bait. Such marvelous choices. In the movie “Field of Dreams”, a ghost from the fields whispers, “If you build it, they will come.”

They did. We did. Now some will get paid.

That is the beauty of Medium.