The Trump[et] Sounds Our Wake Up Call

Our President-Elect Donald J. Trump

It is funny. It’s not supposed to be funny, but Donald J. Trump is President-Elect of the United States. My sense of humor is not politically correct. I still laugh when someone falls on accident. I still laugh at dirty jokes. I think it’s hilarious when a joke has truth as a foundation. The reason this election is funny, our chickens have come home to roost. The reason so many do not think this election is hilarious is because no one likes to be the butt of a joke. We put a reality T.V. star in as our President. We have no one to blame but ourselves. The power of mass media is more powerful than Emperor Palpatine’s use of the force’s dark-side. Unfortunately there is no easy fix. It is time we all came together and stop thinking about ourselves. It is time we did what is best for U.S..

The Revolution Was Televised

H. Rap Brown had no idea how powerful a statement that would become in the age of the modern media. Bear witness to what we have wrought with the seeds from the tree of dividends. The fourth estate no longer has our best interest in case there is any doubt. I could only watch them manipulate an entire nation into an emotional frenzy. They made white people feel under attack. They fed the paranoia of black america. They made Latino’s feel the need to defend their citizenship as if we all are not the descendants of immigrants. While political campaign commercials were blaming their opponents of being under the spell of corporate interest; America was being fed a constant diet of misinformation, biased reporting, and push polls from consultant companies charging massive fees to people what they want to hear. The network maestro’s got all Americans hook, line, and sinker. They made people angry to cloud their judgment, instead of common sense we made the ultimate mistake. It is never wise to make an important decision when you are angry. We’re all to blame. The revolution was not what anyone was expecting, as revolutions have a tendency to be unpredictable.

By Pawl Kacynski

Prime Time Democracy

An entire election cycle with no mention of anything from a candidate constituting an idea. We let people take office without them sharing how they intend to ensure our country thrives instead of the continuing nose dive. It is diving because Television is our god with money a close second. Neither of which is good for our future because both are tools that are meant to make life better not determine our destiny. Television pundits fed America information that they ate with an insatiable appetite not realizing those people were reading from a teleprompter. The age of reporting news from an objective standpoint is gone like our common sense. People went forth into the workplace, over dinner, at the bar, anywhere people congregate spewing rhetoric as liberal’s and conservative’s are gangs with a vicious rivalry comparable to the Crips and Bloods. I wonder if it is a coincidence the colors are similar or larger forces are at work. Politicians behaving like American Idol contestants doing their best imitations instead of providing leadership our country sorely needs.

Me Circa 2010 In The Missouri House

It’s My Fault Too

At the ripe age of 24 years old I was elected to political office. I was a Legislator for eight years as a State Representative. I consider myself a demo-publican because I don’t believe there is one answer to the issues our country is facing. The fact we so easily became enemies is frightening. Our country is made up of people from all over the world, no matter how we got here, we are here. America is our home and there is no going back. We let petty manipulation stir our emotions to such a degree there were riots before and after the elections. In a country that does not have bread lines, poor people get vouchers for housing, and we can count the wars on our shores on one hand is pretty damn good. Our perspective has gone awry because we let a box dictate how we think instead of using our own brains to think and determine how we feel.

One Last Thought

There is no need for hyphens or colors because we are not crayons in a box. I did not do my best during this campaign cycle. I will not let my country down again. This is bigger than Donald J. Trump. This is about our home, and our home is more important than one person or one segment of population. It is our job to ensure we put the proper leadership in office because they have bold and audacious ideas to ensure our country thrives. If we continue to elect leaders because they know how to use our emotions to override our common sense, we will only have ourselves to blame for being a footnote in history. I prefer America live on because we are a beacon of hope, not because of democracy. What’s great about America is the fact we all work together to make this place great. That’s what he got he wrong, America has and always will be great. That’s what makes us, U.S..

By Jonas Hughes

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