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How Trains Start The Game Change

How Trains Can Help America Get Her Groove Back

If you haven’t heard of the recent shenanigans of the airline industry, than you must be an ostrich. The coverage of the United Airlines breaking a man’s nose and giving him a concussion still in the spotlight, receiving national media attention. The most recent incident, “One Nurse And A Cup” as I call it. United Airlines made a Kansas City woman to pee in a cup. The lack of service in the airline industry is proof that no competition leads to bad service. It is time to begin rebuilding our economy. Setting goals to reach the previous capacity, not the new adjusted numbers. We are still in a recession people. Make no mistake, to regain ground we must pave new paths. A high speed rail system would spur Airlines service. They will learn treating passengers like consumers instead of hostages loses business. Our infrastructure upgrade should include high speed rail, now we have a ball game.

Hold The Phone

What do I mean airlines have no competition for consumer travel dollars. Of course there is competition! In this instance I want you to look beyond the other airlines. For all intents and purposes airlines squeeze every cent from our pockets. They take our arms and legs to provide a mediocre service at best.

Traveling use to be a national pastime. Family vacations were apart of the American tradition. At some point the road trip became passè due to the rising cost of gas. Passenger trains faded into obscurity because they let technology pass them by.

The airlines helped put a nail in that coffin spending millions. That was a big deal in those days. The PR blitz starting in the fifties when marketing became more sophisticated. I’m not talking about consumer taste. I mean they began to understand the psychology in marketing. Soon the masses forgot all about passenger trains.

The airlines have been competing for our money for half a century. Instead of service improving, it shrinks like the leg space in coach. In the old days government wasn’t busy arguing for moral high ground. In the days when government was not scared of business. There would be an investigation into collusion. Oh, thats right, the airlines paid a fine for price fixing. Did they learn a lesson? Does not seem like they care about passengers, those not in first class at least.
Why should they, what are we gonna do take the train?

Invisible veins of America

Invisible Veins Of America

The railroads are part of the gestalt of American capitalism. The freight trains deliver goods allowing us to believe that food comes from stores. I know the freight aspect of the business continues to thrive. Freight trains are the most reliable way to transports goods safely from point to point. There are a lot of wrecks on highways. Air freight is cost prohibitive. In America there is one thing you can always be certain, money talks. If we upgrade to high speed rail, it expands opportunities for everyone.

Infrastructure Upgrade Means Investment

I know the consumer aspect of trains has suffered the most. Many of the modern rail companies still run a great transport business. Amtrak is the only commercial rail company today. Without subsidy from states, I am certain passenger trains would no longer exist. It can not compete with modern travel at their current level of technology.
I can’t tell you how many times I was riding the train from Jefferson City to Kansas City was not ideal. A three hour car trip took five hours because Amtrak has to pull to the side so freight trains make it on time. What can I say, there is something magical about riding a train watching the scenery. It may not be the fastest but it was cost effective. A chill ran through me as I realize all trains arriving on time does not portend good tidings. Then again, airlines schedules are best guesses, so schedules can be agreed at a later date.

Investing in infrastructure not only includes more options for travel, but creates jobs. The idea of creating hundreds of thousands of jobs is enough to cause a market uptick. The rail technology in other countries saves more money than we spend to maintain. It is time we revamped. They did before, its time for us to do again. We use to take chances, a country of big thinkers. Dreamers wanting a brighter tomorrow!

This country was elected a man that promised to put a man on the moon!

Our latest President is a complete rookie facing veteran dignitaries. Some people still want him to succeed, some don’t. I do. I did not think he was right for the office, but he won. He is the President of the United States which whether you like it or not is our representative to the world. I want him to pull it together because if other countries see weakness, they will not hesitate to strike. I.S.I.S. is a joke in comparison to a full assault by another super power. Do not be so arrogant to believe no one would dare.

To keep up this standard of living we need to shore up the infrastructure. Though Trump has mentioned infrastructure on many occasions. I do not know if he understands the issue in its entirety.

In modern discussion we do not to mention difficult topics. I know you do not want to believe it could happen, but anything can happen. We want the best technology available in case of, invasion. It is better to be safe than sorry. I would like to believe we should take all precautions. The loose talk of our commander in chief coupled with an itchy trigger finger is a recipe for disaster. Its no surprise a real estate tycoon won the elections, campaigns are snap contest.

Swanky Snap Contest

Calvin and Hobbes By Bill Watterson

It amazes me that the modern campaign has degenerated into nothing more than a snap contest. A snap contest is two or more people using creative ways to make the other person look bad. Is that not what you see during elections? I blame politicians that hire consultants to run campaigns.

Calvin and Hobbes By Bill Watterson

Which has given rise to a new breed of politics which we all rubber neck instead of paying attention. Do not be naive believing that mudslinging is a product of modern politics. It has always been there, but it was not the crux it is today. Mudslinging was more of an art. It was the gentle jab to create an opening for a devastating hook. The hook was an idea, a plan the candidate had to improve their lives.

No they were not always good ideas, but at least they were attempting to do their job, serve the public. Ideas were the instruments that put people in elected office.

Winning what amounts to an expensive snap contest is not the best qualification to serve. I do not believe the person with the most money to insult the other is how to make the best choice. Our current administration is case and point. If you pay attention to the core of modern campaigns it is frightening.

Don’t vote for them, their momma is so dumb, we told her it was chilly outside so she brought a bowl. Vote for me because their daddy is so stupid he thought grape nuts was an STD.

I know I was apart of the system, I made my opinions known, which did not make me more friends. It’s not that I am angel, but I do believe people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Upgrading our rail system may not be the most popular campaign platform. That’s because the modern politician is no longer the leader they use to be. For the people, is not just a snappy slogan. The old campaigns threw mud but at least they were smart enough to take care of business.

Our country came to being under people with great imagination and the audacity to lead. Last year, an entire Presidential campaign without discussing one plan in depth. It’s not completely the candidates fault. Due to the media cycle they have to defend themselves like kids on the playground. 90% of modern Presidential campaigns are refuting rumors they eat boogers.

Our entire infrastructure is due for an upgrade. Roads and bridges are draining state budgets across the country maintaining old technology. Our energy grid based on old technology. Our water system needs addressing before it becomes a crisis.

The railroads are the first of many projects to create millions of jobs. These kinds of projects also inject billions of dollars into our economy. Railroads are phase one of a larger plan, at least how I envision its implementation.

Planes, Trains, And Automobiles

Instead of discussing issues, they reframe the subject. Putting things out of context is a clever technique to divert thinking patterns. Instead of, yes they matter, it becomes, hmm maybe they don’t.

The rail industry deserves our attention because without it our country would not exist as it does today. The idea that our rail technology is half a century behind countries. We are behind countries with comparable economies with access to similar technology.

Trains are an integral part of the invisible system that keeps our country running. The trucks pick up shipments from rail depots to take them to their final destination. Trains are responsible for ensuring our energy plants can produce energy. They make sure you have power for your new Amazon Echo.

An investment in infrastructure provides a great return on investment. I guarantee more than the bailout of the auto industry or subsidy of the airlines receive. They take tax payer dollars and still treat customers like crap.

Let’s be real, they do not talk about change. Trump was going to drain the swamp, instead he took a few bushes down to plant trees. It is like he puts his name on something hoping it would increase sales like it has in the past.
The Universal Healthcare Act was broken by partisan bickering. Sacrifices to pass the bill made it limp from the gate. It will take great courage and leadership for someone to stand up to the insurance industry. If you think change will happen before then, you watch too much television.

Instead of fixing the policy piece by piece as is their job, they let him change the name. Fixing the healthcare system is not the same as revamping a hotel. Name change. Wow. My arm is bruising from all the pinching.

New Economy Needs New Ideas

Upgrading our rail system to high speed rail would usher in a new era of travel and trade. Not to mention the millions of jobs the entire project would create over the next ten years. Jobs in varying sectors at all levels of experience. Though ten years is a incredibly optimistic timeline. I am talking about the government. The beauty of the infrastructure upgrade is the opportunities. New ways for public and private partnership. The U.S. could even build a smelter to melt down steel. We do not have a facility capable at the moment. If we use recycled metals not only creates another industry, but saves money.

The recycling technology could also be apart of the renewable energy movement. Corporations will help because it will stabilize the economy. Which in turn stabilizes their consumer base. Its not rocket science,a matter of thinking of our country first, all else second.

What I’m Talkin Bout

I discussed how our leadership has failed us, not just Trump, he’s new, but the ones there before him are know better. Some of them have been there long enough to realize we need change. Our infrastructure is important for many reasons, that you may not realize. Our leadership is supposed to share new ideas on how our country will thrive not argue morality.

The forefathers we misquote so often talked about the future more than modern leadership.

Instead of looking behind, it is time for U.S.[us] to look forward once again. To maintain our status as a world power we can not make the mistake of living on the laurels of past accomplishments. Other countries have been quietly closing the gap for decades. If we want to stay with on top, is time to put in the work.

By Jonas Hughes




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