Grateful Is A Verb, Not An Adjective

By Greg Hunter, SVP of Client Strategy

As Thanksgiving approaches, I find myself contemplative about all that I am thankful for and the journey that has led me to Rational. Having recently turned a half-century old, I’ve had my share of career experiences: the ups and downs, some with epically-memorable teamwork and some less so, big wins and big losses, times of uncertainty and times of incredible growth. My experiences have included a cast of incredible teammates, leaders, clients, mentors, and friends, coupled with the occasional jerks and egos (no doubt I’ve had my own moments).

Collectively, the tables I’ve had the privilege of sitting around over the years have provided unique opportunities to learn from so many people of different backgrounds and experiences. They’ve all played an important role in shaping who I am today and for that, I have so much gratitude.

That gratitude is magnified as I join a new table at Rational. There’s so much here that connects me to the gratitude I feel during Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for our strong history of entrepreneurial spirit, incredible clients and impactful work, a gorgeous view showcasing the beauty that Seattle gives us and a culture that inspires our people, our clients, our community, and the work we do.

I’m fortunate to sit alongside each of you at this big table we call Rational. I love the metaphor of the table. It’s a place to gather. A place that’s inclusive. A place to contribute. A place to share. A place to be heard. A place to talk. A place to work. A place to be nourished. A place to celebrate. A place to commune. A place to be real. A place to bring your friends. A place to simply rest.

Everyone brings something to this table and it makes us who we are as an agency. It’s carefully and beautifully curated with a collection of talent, individuals, makers, and creators. We uniquely bring together diversity in the form of drive, intelligence, creativity, varied experiences, and backgrounds. At this table, we do our best to practice gratitude because it is part of our culture. In fact, the definition of gratitude is a “readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” I’m proud that our teams do that very well with each other, with our clients, and within the community.

As you reflect on what you’re grateful for, may you express that gratitude to each other with a shared spirit of pride for what we each bring to our incredibly special table.

Rational Ideas is the thought leadership hub for Rational, a digital agency and consultancy based in Seattle, WA.