“Raise your ambition and embrace this target” Green Special Raven Marketing, Media & Tech round-up for July 1st

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Matt Goddard
Jul 1, 2019 · 8 min read

The Raven delivers 10 talking points across #media, #tech #marketing… We’re well into summer and this Raven kicks off the second half of the year with an environmental focus.

What’s sparkled in the roost this Raven?

The G20 stick with the Paris Agreement, Denmark strikes out as Lego embraces sugar, BP takes a further cultural hit, we finally discover if a Mac really can grate cheese, further pain from the Universal fire, ‘streaming versus reading’ kicks off, Libra sparks a warning, videogames lose more than the high-street, cinema can’t escape the past, and is music getting weirder..?

Ah, the 49th Glastonbury packed up — that means 14 years since I was last there! While I wistfully plan for the 50th, this week’s intro song is the last EP from John Peel Stage headliner’s Interpol. A Fine Mess — a classic for our fractured times. Remember: Find every intro song on the Raven Playlist.

And the Festival and the BBC didn’t even have to fall out over the weather. Now, about Wimbledon.

Apple and Omega: Ad Astra

Apple’s hit a fine vein of advertising recently. They unexpectedly stole my Christmas Ad prize in 2018 and brought their new light touch to brand placement to their spot-on product pitch promo in spring. Now it’s time to reprieve the AirPods brand with the beautifully realised Bounce.

Bounce, Apple (Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab)

I may be influenced by nostalgia for Trebor’s Mr Soft advert in the ’80s — though not the nickname he lent at the time thanks to my chilled demeanour, naturally — but this is top-rate concept alignment from Apple and TBWA\Media Arts Lab that shows the benefit of investing in a long-term agency relationship.

A second award goes to Omega for their dedication to one of the finest taglines in history: The First and Only Watch on the Moon (and variants thereof). Omega Speedmaster’s starring role in the first moon landing has been rightly used many times over the years. As the 50th-anniversary approaches, there’s some lovely stuff to mine through — like when George met Buzz.

1. The Green Agenda - Politics: UK; Denmark; G20

Three weeks before outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May urged her G20 compatriots to follow the UK’s lead and set a deadline for zero CO2 emissions, the UK’s longest ever coal-free run ended after just over 18 days.

The rest of the G20 continue to drag their feet in matching the UK’s 2050 commitment, a target that many consider too slow in any event. But the new Prime Minister of Denmark, the country’s youngest, has set out a bolder line that could send a message to larger neighbours.

2. Media. The ups and downs of streaming and reading

Guaranteed to set the literary foxes among the new media chickens (or is that the wrong way round?), a recent report suggested that the novel was at direct risk from streaming. There’s a fascinating comparison here of course — Dickens’ serialised work transformed into a bingeable novel over a hundred years ago. Streaming evangelists should be careful, as books were innovating far before pictures started moving, and music and video are still playing catch-up to the industry’s digital and physical delivery. It is also slightly skewed by rise of the audiobooks.

Booksellers were quick to rebut the death of the novel, citing minimal decline. But there was a timely article on a more pressing threat — be careful what you read!

If, after all that, you are still getting carried away with streaming, especially with the huge investment heading into the likes of Lord of the Rings and Sandman, this is the looming cloud:

3. Green Agenda - Culture: RSC; BP; Lego

On the first day of summer, quite probably our greatest actor Mark Rylance, quit the RSC in protest at their support from BP. Another slice of high-profile cultural criticism to add to the giant’s list. It says a lot about the multinational when forces Rylance away from the RSC, considering he’s a signed up member of the Shakespeare identity doubters.

I’ve picked up on this story as it developed, but Lego’s quest for environmentalism is fascinating as it’s an existential crusade. Their eco-overhaul is ahead of schedule.

Here’s a nice side note on the added bonuses of sustainable power generation from my old alma mater: solar farms can be a haven for wildlife.

4. Tech. Libra warning from a Facebook vet

Innovation and regulation are always the watchwords in social media as we approach the end of the decade. One of those Frenemies Zuckerberg must have difficulty deciding whether to keep close or closer, Chris Hughes didn’t pull punches when he suggested Facebook’s new currency would benefit corporations and threaten developing economies.

The major force of regulation in the sector continues to come from Australia after last week’s significant ruling that media agencies are responsible for pre-moderating user comments. As the networks pledge to fight dangerous content, new regulation is forming.

An interesting aside that casts a light on the difficulty and occasional ridiculousness of the task networks have set themselves comes from Led Zeppelin vs Facebook.

5. Media. Cinema heads Back to the Future; Blade Runner; The Thing

It has been an interesting half year at the cinema. Disney’s dominance as they acquired Fox and triumphantly marched their original Avengers to retirement has covered some evident fault lines. What better time than to consider the anniversary of two classics that were released to a less than spectacular reception on the same day in 1982. Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and John Carpenter’s The Thing. A note from 2017.

But then, we never really escape the past, do we? The Tweet on the left is damning.

And as if that wasn’t judgemental enough on how old we all are, here’s how Pixar developed over 20 years.

6. Tech. The sad state of Telltale; Game off.

What a difference two weeks on from E3 made…

A quick catch-up on the sad demise of Telltale Games, a long-time success story that reached too far and fell apart last autumn.

But the disappearance of their games from eminent game distributor Steam in the wake of their collapse raised some worthy discussion. It’s an extraordinary indictment on the gaming industry that works can simply disappear in entirety — despite the revelations from Universal (see the pain of 8), it’s unthinkable in other media.

Here’s a fascinating example of how far fans will go to stop this happening: 1997’s Blade Runner.

Meanwhile, Game fell to Sports Direct’s offer after a good hard look at the difficult lead up to the next generation of consoles. The thought that Game and Belong brands could occupy space in House of Fraser seems a little far fetched.

7. Musk Zone. Space takeover; a lack of credit.

A bit of a shift in this week’s Muskzone, as SpaceX overtakes Tesla…

But there’s still time for some innovation, as Tesla introduced video gaming into its sales model, and Elon Musk’s thoughts on giving credit raised eyebrows.

8. Media. Music lost, Music found

Brace yourself, we might never appreciate the full horror of this. The sad loss of original masters in a fire at Universal 11 years ago is as unfathomable as it is disputed by the record company. There’s no doubt we’ve lost incredible moments in music history.

Time to look forward with some weird new music! Is it getting weirder? I hope so, and not just for the future of the Raven Playlist.

9. Media. Down to Earth Football

While the FIFA Women’s World Cup is entertaining millions, setting records and kicking down as many barriers as it is asking questions about VAR, this nice down to earth moment in Football caught my eye. The Carabao Cup Round One Draw. With john Barnes and Ray Parlour. In Morrisons. Lovely.

10. And finally… That Mac Cheese grater isn’t brilliant.

Someone did it.

Wasn’t quite enough to distract from the end of an era at Apple, as Chief Creative Officer Sir Jony Ive leaves the empire. Reviews of his tenure pretty much decided a draw after major hits and notable misses. That the impact of his tenure will be felt for many, many years isn’t in doubt (a far greater impact than the $8bn hit Apple stock took in the wake of the announcement). Perhaps no surprise that it has ended with a slight whimper amid reports that he’s been increasingly dispirited since the release of the Apple Watch.


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The Raven by @Mattketing

The Raven regularly delivers 10 squawking points from…

The Raven by @Mattketing

The Raven regularly delivers 10 squawking points from #marketing #media #technology … Captured by @Mattketing, delivered by first class RAVEN.

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The Raven by @Mattketing

The Raven regularly delivers 10 squawking points from #marketing #media #technology … Captured by @Mattketing, delivered by first class RAVEN.