How To Survive Black Friday Parking Madness

Intro: Car accidents spike 34% on Black Friday, with the most common kinds of accidents being backing or parking-related. Use these tips to make sure you’re being watchful and safe in the crowded parking lots full of shoppers, in their dash to get the best deals of the day.

Park With Care.

  • One of the biggest hassles on the biggest shopping day of the year is parking, and as many as 500 deaths each year occur to drivers and pedestrians in parking lots. Drive carefully and cautiously in crowded parking lots, being aware of all of your surroundings, especially children, as they are sometimes difficult to see. By parking farther away from the door, you’ll find that there are often fewer cars competing for spots and less pedestrian traffic which makes it safer for you and your car. Plus, it might even give you an easier exit when you leave!

Use Your Trunk.

  • If your shopping spree is successful, you’ll have a ton of bags and boxes in all shapes and sizes. When heading to multiple stores, you’ll want to bring back your purchases to your car. Who likes carrying bags and boxes around the mall all day? (No one). Make sure to hide your valuables along with your new purchases in your trunk, where people can’t see them.

Avoid Distractions.

  • Approximately 80% of all US car accidents are related to distracted driving, and as many as two-thirds of drivers say they allow themselves to be distracted while driving through a parking lot. On a day when traffic is heavy and people are probably in a rush and flustered, the last thing you need to happen is an accident. Remember to keep your cell phones away and leave the radio dials alone once you’ve settled in. Just in case other drivers around you are distracted, keep a safe distance from the car in front of you and use your signals to let others know where you are going.

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