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Covid-19 Case Tracking, Hospital Relief, Sponsorship Opportunities, and a New Crypto Documentary

This is an open call to those in the community who are able to help those who are in need.

Hospitals and organizations in need of donations found on GoFundMe and JustGiving

One of the easiest ways we can help with covid-19 relief is by making sure hospitals have all the supplies they need. They are at the frontlines and they are very stressed.

Doctors, nurses, staff, etc., are being asked to use their PPE multiple times. Sometimes masks are reused for 10 days! Sometimes they don’t even have masks to use. Let’s help them if we can.

Below is a compiled list of hospitals on GoFundMe and JustGiving that need help. It was compiled by Raven Knights member ken_g. He’s done his best to filter out any potential spam and scams. But still please be cautious and DYOR if you plan on donating. Thank you Ken!

If you know any organizations that need help or want to put in some research, please add it to the spreadsheet.

Case Tracking

http://corona.ravenprotocol.com/ (forked from our friends locale.ai, they did an amazing job)

To aid you in your research on who needs help, we have published this case tracking map. It was forked from haxzie and rumaan. Thank you guys for your hard work!

Ideally, you could look at the most infected countries, cities, etc., and figure out ways to find hospitals/organizations who are in need of help. Master web/data scrapers would probably excel here. You know who you are! Put your powers to some good use, please.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Feel free to donate to any of the organizations listed in the Google sheets compiled. These are doctors, nurses, and medical staff at the frontline working day and night for the community. They have very little rest. Any kind of help is useful to them.

Another great way to help is by directly supporting families in need. We are fans of what Alex Iskold (2048 Ventures) and Minda Brusse (Front Row Partners) are doing. The 1K Project matches a family with a sponsor committed to giving the family $1k per month for three months, for a total gift of $3,000. For a family experiencing loss of income and lacking sufficient savings, immediate cash assistance is what’s needed most.This support bridges these families until they have new employment or other assistance flowing in.

Crypto Rush Documentary for those on lockdown


Crypto Rush is a global travel documentary that reveals the mysterious world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and blockchain. Crypto Rush takes place in the USA, China, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland (city of Zug is already called a “Cryptocurrency Valley”), and South Korea.

Liliana Pertenava had the brilliant idea to launch the world premiere on Vimeo! Everyone on lockdown can get a glimpse of the world and reminisce about good times hanging out with other humans.

Crypto Rush was announced on TechCrunch first: techcrunch.com/2020/04/22/relive-the-heady-days-of-crypto-with-the-crypto-rush-documentary/

Raven is in the Crypto Rush Documentary!

If you didn’t notice, Raven Protocol, was also featured in this documentary. They even tried to purchase things from the infamous Tai O fishing village using Bitcoin. Obviously, they were laughed at and denied.

Grab your glass of wine, open up a bottle of beer, pop a bag of popcorn, and enjoy this documentary!

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