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Proof of Steak: March 2021 Rewards Distributed and Introducing Multi-level Farming for Compounded Rewards

Dear Raven Protocol Community,

The March 2021 Staking Period was completed and it was a success!

Total Stakers: 156
Total Staked: 1,081,710,628 RAVEN
Total Rewarded: 16,225,668 RAVEN
Circulating Supply: ~3B RAVEN

Introducing Multi-level Farming (MLF) for Compounded Rewards

Next step after collecting your Raven Proof of Steak Rewards is to add it to the RAVEN/SPARTA pool.

As you know, our AMM of choice is Spartan Protocol. The RAVEN/SPARTA Liquidity Pool has ~$500,000 staked in it by some super smart Multi-level Farmers from the Raven Protocol Telegram community. They’ve been sharing the latest strategies to maximize those $RAVEN rewards from the Proof of Steak program. Special shout out to Sir Gaz for spearheading these efforts and hand-holding many of our community members to set up their mult-level farm.

It’s so valuable that we wanted to make sure you all are aware the opportunity exists to do some Multi-level Farming (MLF) for compounded Proof of Steak Rewards with Spartan Protocol.

Step-by-step Guide for MLF

Harvest the rewards you receive from providing your compute power at https://steak.ravenprotocol.com

Sell half of your harvested RAVEN steak rewards for BNB on Binance DEX

Bridge the remaining half of your harvested RAVEN steak rewards and the BNB you received from Binance DEX to Binance Smart Chain. Now you will have the BEP20 version of RAVEN and BNB. You can swap from BEP2 to BEP20 versions of RAVEN and BNB using this guide for the Binance Chain chrome extension or using this guide for Trust Wallet.

Use all the BNB from Step 3 to purchase SPARTA at https://pools.spartanprotocol.org/pool/swap?pool=0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Add both RAVEN and SPARTA to the liquidity pool at https://pools.spartanprotocol.org/pool/stake?pool=0xcD7C5025753a49f1881B31C48caA7C517Bb46308

Stake/Lock the LP tokens to start earning SPARTA rewards for providing liquidity to the RAVEN/SPARTA pool

Wait for some time and start harvesting/collecting the SPARTA rewards from providing liquidity to the RAVEN/SPARTA pool at https://pools.spartanprotocol.org/dao/lock

Use all the harvested SPARTA and swap it for RAVEN at https://pools.spartanprotocol.org/pool/swap?pool=0xcD7C5025753a49f1881B31C48caA7C517Bb46308

Alternatively, you can swap half of your SPARTA for RAVEN. Skip steps 9–12 and repeat steps 5–8 every hour, every day, or whenever you feel like harvesting.

This will give you the BEST APY and this is how most professional farmers would keep compounding into the liquidity pool, but it’s not very helpful in growing the Raven compute network :)

While we do wish you continue to Step 9, we understand if you choose to seek the higher APY route by compounding and adding your harvest all back into the RAVEN/SPARTA pool.

Bridge the newly purchased RAVEN back to BEP2 using the guides in Step 3

Stake the BEP2 RAVEN at https://steak.ravenprotocol.com

Repeat Steps 7 through 10 once a day, once a week, or once a month. However often you like!

Repeat Steps 1–11 once a month when a new harvest is available for the Proof of Steak Rewards.

Voila! You have completed your very first Multi-level Farming experience with Raven, Sparta, and Binance Smart Chain!

— The Raven Protocol Team

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