Raven Protocol is Joining the Binance Chain Movement

Raven Protocol
May 20 · 4 min read

Dear Raven Protocol and Binance Community,

You might be thinking.. why Binance Chain?

Binance Dex Command Line in August 2018.

1. Great execution by the Binance team

2. Easy for users to understand and use Binance DEX

The on-boarding experience for Binance DEX is flawless. It took only a few minutes to create a wallet and start trading some MITH.

3. Easy to familiarize yourself with the chain

“We like this ethos. At Raven Protocol, we want to enable every single developer in the world to easily plug AI/ML into their applications. Binance’s pursuit for easy-to-use applications is in perfect alignment with Raven Protocol’s philosophy.”

— Sherman Lee, co-founder of Raven Protocol

The Binance exchange hack makes us want to support Binance Chain and Binance DEX even more

The Binance Chain Family. We’re not the only ones supporting Binance Chain and the BEP2 standard

Quick catch-up with Nick White, co-founder of Harmony, who just recently announced their Binance Launchpad. They too are issuing a BEP2 asset. Binance Chain is growing stronger and stronger.

“We’re excited to have great projects like Harmony, Red Pulse, Mithril, and now Raven Protocol join the Binance Chain family.”

— Benjamin Rameau, Binance Chain

Want to talk to the founders of Raven Protocol or stay updated on the Token Launch? Drop us an email: founders@ravenprotocol.com


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