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Digital Compassion

What is term #Digital #Compassion?

Digital Compassion — I don’t know whether I coined this term or someone else — Doesn’t matter and its not important.

What is term #Digital #Compassion? The term Digital Compassion was born out of my disgust and little human left within me. I don’t know during which journey leg I got this awakening that nerd and geek can’t be excuse of cowardice. It was while reading one those similar newspaper, somehow a lump of disgust hit my throat, it was like having a stale hard bread when you are thirsty and hungry. Similar story of a young working female raped in moving vehicle while back from work … another young child molested in school … Around that time Aanya, Jai’s daughter — my niece was born and another emotion that of fear gripped me. Maybe it was necessary to push me on the another side. Most have their own methods to vent out the venom inside, mine was thinking and designing a system to attain salvation.

Core principle of my thinking is that there are way more humans on this earth who have goodness in them and want to co-exist peacefully. Core design element is based on hope that even today there is empathy in human behavior that when a life of another being is in jeopardy we as human race either individually, as community or institutionally will help.

Hence cheap but beautifully designed and efficient platforms should be created by using commodity technologies. No need to reinvent which is already invented but organically we can converge multiple platforms and architecture components to create unique solutions at affordable cost aligned to #Gandhian principles — applicability to ground realities without forcibly changing the behaviors, but in a subtle way — cardinal virtues of#Ahimsa




Living a life filled with diverse adventures & experiences as a rescue pilot, inventor, technologist, c-leader, professor, writer, entrepreneur and venture capitalist, this publication includes my musings on anything and everything that I have witnessed and am yet to witness.

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Ravinder Pal Singh (Ravi)

Ravinder Pal Singh (Ravi)

Award winning Technologist(Products, Patents); Speaker(5 continents); Pilot(Rescue missions); Investor(Deep Tech); Professor(Entrepreneurship); Harvard Alumni

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