The MSM and failed repeal of Obamacare.

By George Dienhart

I guess this can be chalked up to the old can’t blame them for trying routine. It seems that anywhere you can find liberals, prominent, or otherwise, a story is being spun, and its a whopper.

The left seems to be utterly shocked that the Obamacare vote failed. Its been spun as a massive failure for the President, as well as speaker Ryan. The spin doctors are leaving something out of their narrative, though, an it’s an important fact. The legislation was never going to pass.

The truth is it was always going to take votes from the Democrats, which was NEVER going to happen. Its not in their best interests, and as we know, the Democrats specialize in their own interest. Their was nothing in this for them, unless it failed. So, they allowed it to fail.

This isn’t the end of Ryan, or Trump or the GOP. It was a miscalculation by the White House, and a inconvenience for Ryan. Nothing more. The Defense budget will still be fixed, the wall will still rise. NASA will still have the ridiculous and useless asteroid redirect mission cancelled. Oh, and sorry liberals, the tax breaks are coming. For everyone, and the economic boom they create will not only invalidate the way The Obama administration handled the economy, they will fix most of the damage.

The conservative revolution will continue, and we will all be better off for it.