The sad state of the Michael Flynn situation.

Michael Flynn is dead. At least in a political sense. His resignation signals the end of his participation in government, in any meaningful fashion. Liberals are rejoicing with another purported victory for “The Resistance”.

Like most radical libtard victorys, Secretary Flynn political assassination is a loss for America. Not just because the left took down a public servant, without even giving him a chance, but because of how they took him down. It wasn’t through vetting, or the careful consideration of congress. No, it was done via leeks from the intelligence community.

By its very nature the United States various intelligence apparati are supposed to be secretive. At least they were. Since Donald Trump was elected, the clandestine services have been a veritable sieve. First FALSE information about our President, and now liberals in these services engineered a coup against the very same man appointed by the president to lead them. That’s a problem.

These presidential appointees serve at the pleasure of the president. Not at the whim of every GS-10 that feels slighted in the workplace. These information leaks most stop. The argument against, and persecution of Mr. Flynn is based upon a conversation allegedly held between Mr. Flynn and the Russian ambassador. The conversation between Mr. Flynn and Mr. Kislyak has not even been made public as of yet. That didn’t matter to the left. Of most importance to the left, was the damage done to the Trump administration. As long as Trumps nose was bloodied, “The Resistance” didn’t care about the collateral damage to America. The politicking, as always, is more important. That’s the kind of thing That Trump was elected to stop, and that is the crux of what frightens the left the most. Trump signals the end of the backroom politicking and backstabbing that Washington runs on. In this case, the end can’t come quick enough.