Why the hate?

What exactly has Donald Trump done to you?

By George Dienhart

It’s funny to watch, really. No one disagreed more with Pres. Obama (Archives) than I did. He is about as close to a political polar opposite to me as would be possible. I’m free market, he is most decisively not. I would hav liked to have seen him fund the military a little better, and have him not telegraph his hand on the War on Terror. If we had a sit down, we wouldn't agree on a whole lot.

There is a differnce between me and most of the resistance. I actually got involved. I ran for local office and was involved in the leadership for my local GOP. I put my money, and effort where my mouth was. I didn’t just vent an illogical hatred toward a man I am likely to never meet.

I never hated Pres. Obama (Archives). I disagreed with him. I though his policies were too left wing, and damaged the country. I never ever advocated harming him, called for a coup, or wished him ill. How many of the resistance can say that about POTUS?

It’s odd to me, really. To root against the president is to root against America. The same was true about Obama. I wish he had been successful, and been able to fix the economy. That would have been better for everyone. Just like a sucessful Donald Trump is better for everyone.

This situation does make me wonder if liberals really want America to succeed, though. Globalization is largely a left wing concern, and globalists have stated that there is nothing special about America. That we need to play ball within the global order of things. Trumps America first policies fly in the face of this. Those of us that believe America is special, and important voted Trump.

I spent six years in the U.S. Marines. Again, when it was time to put up, or shut up, I put up. I did this beause I love this country, and truly believe it to be special. I left for MCRD San Diego for boot camp, fully expecting a grusome death on the Russian front. The liberal media told me it was likely, as our president, Ronald Reagan was a war monger.

As you can see by this essay, I never died. The liberal media was wrong about Reagan, who will be seen as the architect of this little 40 year Pax Americana. Good or bad, he built the system that took down the Soviet Union and freed hundreds of millions of people. His presidency did not result in the end of humanity, as we were told it might.

We are seeing a similar hatred, and inaccuracy in reporting regarding Donald Trump. Everyone assumes the worst. We have also been told that he will end civilization.

There is nothing logical about this, it is all emotional. A beloved Democrat, Bernie Sanders, lost to a, well, not so beloved Democrat Hillary Clinton. There was a lot of emotion invested in that primary, and I think that it truly didnt satisfy any Democrat. Not the true believers of Hillary, and not the young blood attracked to Bernie Sanders. They needed someone to pour their dissatisfaction on. Enter Donald J. Trump.

He is an easy figure for the left to hate. He is brash, bigger than life, and doesnt do PC. He is the definition of ugly American to europeans. He sees America as a special place. Ronald Reagans shining city on a hill. That infuriates Europeans, many of whom having lost what made them special so very long ago.

There is much I can do from here, behind the keyboard. As the saying goes haters gonna hate. I only hope that they will actually take the time to look at the results, four years from now. He was lawfully elected, and deserves a chance- just like Barak Obama received.