Close Encounters of the Animal Kind — Vlog No.3

The third episode of the First Man Vlog.

In this video I pursue a personal photography project that I have been intending to chase down for a significant time.

Personal projects are in important part of photography. You can grind out a living shooting jobs and easily forget why you loved photography in the first place. Indulging in a personal project will remind you why you loved photography in the first place.

In the video I head to my home town in North Yorkshire to take a panoramic view of the town from a cliff overlooking it all. It is a spot that holds a dear place in my heart. It is the perfect place to sit, to ponder and reflect on your life.

It also proved to be a good opportunity to film a tutorial on how to of panoramic photography —

Sadly I had very little time for this today due to my ridiculous schedule thanks to a roundabout journey that ended today in the beautiful city of Durham.

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