A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying CZN In 5 minutes

We’ve had quite a few people who want to get involved in our private pre-ICO and with the exciting future we are building at chozun途赞 and supporters who haven’t had much or any experience in buying cryptocurrencies before. Don’t worry you are not alone!

Here’s a step-by step guide for you to purchase CZN.


CZN can be purchased with ETH. There are a four options below on how to, depending on your existing set up.

Option 1 (easiest & quickest for newbies): Assuming you don’t have any crypto set up already, and you want to purchase BTC then convert it into ETH:

  1. You can purchase Bitcoin from a platform like LocalBitcoins you can also directly purchase ETH from https://localethereum.com at higher amounts than most exchanges
  2. Set up an Exodus wallet to hold your Bitcoin or ETH
  3. Once purchased, send your Bitcoin or ETH to the address of your Exodus wallet
  4. Download Eidoo.io wallet (mobile wallet for ETH & CZN)
  5. Exchange the Bitcoin for Ethereum (ETH) at Changelly or directly in your Exodus wallet (skip this if you bought ETH)
  6. Send your Ethereum to your Eidoo wallet
  7. From your Eidoo wallet Purchase CZN with the ETH you hold by sending to this address: 0x05E2555A234c5cc36d86406211fb2dd7fA6a5f63
  8. Your CZN will be in your Eidoo wallet.

Option 2: You already hold ETH, it’s very simple:

  1. Set up a wallet that’s compatible with ERC20 tokens. We recommend eidoo.io
  2. Simply purchase CZN with ETH by sending to this address: 0x05E2555A234c5cc36d86406211fb2dd7fA6a5f63
  3. CZN then sits in the Eidoo wallet.

Option 3: You already hold Bitcoin & want to exchange for ETH:

If you already own Ethereum (ETH) you can skip these steps and just jump to our purchasing CZN explainer video. If you own Bitcoin or prefer to buy Bitcoin it’s super easy to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum using https://changelly.com/.

All set up and know how to purchase already? Simply use ETH to purchase CZNat this address: 0x05E2555A234c5cc36d86406211fb2dd7fA6a5f63


If you want a more secure mobile wallet you can see, send and receive CZN as well as ETH from we recommend downloading https://eidoo.io/.

Its super simple to set up and to send and receive — you can also easily purchase more CZN from your Eidoo wallet by sending from there to the contract address. You will be able to see your CZN almost instantaneously.

And if this all still seems like Greek to you, don’t worry, you can still invest — we have already set up investments on behalf of others and are willing to help you do so as well. Get in touch.

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