Photo cred: Philipp Chistyakov

Chinaccelerator at 304km/h

Last week, we started our Geeks on a Train tour, taking the high speed rail from Beijing to Shanghai as part of Chinaccelerator Batch 9.

Here’s our 304km/h of last week’s learnings with CA:


Watched the awesome Nils Pihl at the 8x8 Chinaccelerator Beijing event. He expressed the importance of surrounding yourself with people. Great, passionate people. Always. Most entrepreneurs are like minded. Especially those in the room the night of the event. They have taken risks. Done something outside of the conventional. Moved to a new city, new country to follow a dream they are passionate about. Connect with them. And others that are like minded.

Define your market

We have to think about our market and who we will talk to them here, in China. Expats vs locals. Two complete different markets. Two very different engagement and comms approach.

Life’s an elevator pitch

Be human, keep it to 30 seconds. Sometimes, we try to say too much. Record it, listen to yourself to memorise. Then practice. Practice, practice, practice and in front of people. Sleep also helps.

Video can be simple & executed brilliantly

As Jim Fields told us this week, create a video that tells your brand/ product’s story. Have a purpose, audience, show the problem, solution and call to action.

KTV actually rocks

We’ve been in the program for 2 weeks and I’ve done KTV 3 times in those 2 weeks. I’m wondering when Batch 9 will stop inviting me, given my awful (read: great) voice. Wish I could own my pitch the way I own the mic at KTV.

Rebranding is more work than you think

We’ve rebranded as chozun. Here’s why. It is a lot of work to go through a rebrand. More than we all anticipated. But we’re almost there!

Til next week, 一直唱 (that’s keep singing in Chinese).

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