John Chacho
Jun 14, 2017 · 2 min read
Press Photographers set remotes ahead of #SessionsHearing

Opening Statement

[TEXT]Jeff Sessions Opening Statement — 3 pages
source: site

[VIDEO]Jeff Sessions Opening Statement — 15 mins
source: CSPAN YouTube Channel

Complete Testimony

Select Committee on Intelligence SH-216

[VIDEO]Jeff Sessions Complete Testimony — 2 hrs 53 mins
source: site

Hearing Type:


Date & Time:

Tuesday, June 13, 2017–2:30pm


The Hart Senate Office Building

“The Hart Senate Office Building is the third office structure designed and built to serve the United States Senate. Located northeast of the Capitol on a site bounded by Constitution Avenue, C Street, First Street, and Second Street N.E., it adjoins the Dirksen Senate Office Building.”

Rendering of the Hart Senate Office Building by architect John Carl Warnecke.

source: Architect of the Capitol .Gov Site



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The stuff that makes the story.

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