Hitting three new milestones

It seems like it’s been some quiet time for RAWG recently. It isn’t true. If you look closely, you’ll see that we changed how we display the games in our database — on any page, in fact. A small change it might be, but it’s a step forward to the largest update in RAWG’s history, which is set to drop very soon. So it’s more of the calm before the storm.

However, there’s another side of RAWG — unseen, but important. The stats, the numbers, and connections that help us build the games calendar, search and top games of all time. And those numbers have been growing like crazy. Let’s celebrate them in this short update.

Our database after reaching 300,000 games. Must… catch… ‘em… all…

300,000, 300,000, and 3,000,000

What are those? Three numbers we are excited about.

Our games database now has more than 300,000 games. It might be the biggest database in the world, but it still doesn’t have them all. There’s a lot of room for growth!

Rawgers rated games well over 300,000 times. Why is that important? When we launch the games speed-rating feature in December, the number of ratings skyrocketed. Right now, the speed-rating carousel accounts for 85% of all ratings monthly. There’s no sign of stopping and we hope to bring more engaging and fun tools like this one in the future.

Finally, rawgers have over 3,000,000 games in their libraries. Our community of game collectors grows steadily, and we are happy to house tens of thousands of digital shelves.

That’s all for now, folks. But stay tuned for that big — dare I say game-changing? — update we are about to roll out in a few weeks. Okay? Kthxbye.