Introducing a brand new community feed

The activity feed at RAWG was a way to see what your friends are up to: what games they play, recommend or advice to skip and the collections they create. The feed lets you not only follow people but also stay in touch with the community as a whole. For a while it worked, but as RAWG grew, the feed we created just could’t keep up with the amount of content:

  • reviews became buried behind multiple “who added what” events
  • we had 3 separate tabs to check, that’s just too much
  • there was no obvious way to engage with the community and to contribute back. you just read and scrolled and when you posted something new it felt like posting into the void.

So we spent a couple of months and today we are introducing a completely revamped feed.

The “Community feed” is one of the most important pages at RAWG and we hope it will become the centerpiece of your site experience.

The feed consists of events and the more complete your profile is, the more tailored for you they are. We take into account your gaming preferences including but not limited to: owned platforms, recently completed, currently playing and wishlisted games.

There are 4 types of events in the feed:

  1. From time to time you’ll see the lists of currently popular games for your preferred platforms, suggestions to review a recently completed game and reminders to update the statuses for games marked as “currently played” for a long time.
  2. The reviews, posts and activities from the people you follow along with suggestions of players who played that rare gem that you thought only you like.
  3. Events popular in the community: reviews, collections and discussions that are read and liked most.
  4. Notifications are displayed separately now. You will be notified when a wishlisted game becomes available. So the wishlist is a lot more useful now!

We plan to update the current and introduce new events from time to time to keep the feed fresh and interesting.

We know from the feedback that it can be kind of boring to browse the feed that displays several “who played what” events in a row. That is why we mixed the events order and make a feed with various content types in a single screen.

It is now much easier to contribute to the community. New reviews and discussions can be added without leaving the page, right from the feed.

Furthermore you can quickly express your feelings with a set of emojis. You’ll see a new smile icon in the top right corner of every event. So, when a friend finally completes all the quests in Witcher 3 you know what to do — 🏆.

We think the new community feed is a huge improvement and hope you will find it interesting, fun and useful.


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