RAWG is officially the largest video game database in the world

20 to 245 and more

When RAWG first started in April 2017 only 20 thousand games were in the database, now we’re proud to say that RAWG is the biggest database on video games with 245 thousand titles and the number keeps growing. For comparison, MobyGames and IGDB have 174 thousand and 185 thousand, respectively.

A Huge Deal

It is one. Every database comes in to solve a problem and while MobyGames focuses on providing info for journalists and industry experts, and GiantBomb (65 thousand games) focuses on allowing readers to do a deep dive into the game’s world and characters, RAWG is building its database as an infotainment and discovery tool where every user can build its own library of video games and find out about new titles. And such an amount of games is necessary for us to cover the interest of every user and achieve our next goal. In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a feature that would help rawgers discover new games based on their profile (stay tuned!).


A quarter million games is a lot and we understand that they need to be polished with correct and relevant info. Which is why we are giving access to add or edit games for any user.” — RAWG founder Gadji Makhtiev.

That is true, with such an amount of games it’s inevitable to miss some entries or have some incorrect facts. Our users have been mighty helpful in starting out with polishing the database, and these are some of the thoughts from the editors who have submitted more than 2000 edits even before the new UGC-tools:

Everything was fine with UGC even before the global changes began, and now the number of interesting collections and reviews keeps growing.” — Geon
It still doesn’t have ALL of the games, but progress is unstoppable, and as one of the early editors of its database I can state with full responsibility that even early tools for adding and editing game on RAWG are more convenient than tools of MobyGames. It’s like, you know, you were eating broth with a fork for your whole life, and then you were given a spoon.” — Krai
The database tools are really easy to use, so I can quickly add or fix games when I come across any that need it. It really makes tracking games much more convenient, since I don’t have to wait for games to be added.” — Matthew Dias
The UGC-tools are a godsend for me… instead of writing the Devs and hoping/waiting for the games to appear at some point, I can instantly add them myself… I think that the UGC tools are one of the strongest new features to RAWG and hope that only good will come of it.” — Chocodemon
It’s a lot quicker to edit a game and change the data. I love the way it is presented, and it gives a decent amount of information for if the users get confused. Plus we can FINALLY add alternative titles to games, which is a lifesaver.” — Arecher
Super useful! I have already been playing around with them for a bit and found it to be much more convenient to add things that way. Overall, I think this is a great step forward.” — Syraleaf

While our users can complete their own libraries and help us build the most complete and comprehensive database, we also feel like it gives an opportunity for publishers and developers, big and small, to have relevant information on their game pages. Games as service or other MMO titles are a great example as they are constantly being updated with new features, gameplay innovations and much more. As for small developers, RAWG is a great platform to add necessary info, new screenshots, videos (maybe, some exclusives) and share their game with the community without wasting time or money on hiring PR agencies and on contacting RAWG for permission to edit the game.

We think that with such a huge database, it’s the right decision to make it accessible for everyone. Our own catalog of games has such multiplayer titles that are constantly updated, which is why we value an opportunity to quickly edit the information to keep millions of our player base in touch.” — PR director of Gaijin Entertainment Yulia Shveyko.
Lithuanian Game Developers Association is glad to see a database that is accessible for everyone. Game discovery is a two-fold problem. Not only gamers are trying to find a new cool game, but the developers are also trying to find their target audience. Which is why we think that this is a great opportunity for us to contribute and share our projects with the world.” — CEO of LGDA Gediminas Tarasevicius.

What the future holds

While we at RAWG are happy to enjoy this milestone, we are ways away until we can safely say that RAWG is the most complete and comprehensive video game database. Next step for us is to polish our UGC-tools, edit the database, upgrade the discovery function and much more that we will reveal in due time.