RAWG gets easier to navigate

It’s been a while since we posted updates about RAWG as a product. We have been working tirelessly to fix a bug here and add some polish there, but this time we have a bigger thing to announce.

The library is the core feature on RAWG. I still think that setting up yours in a few clicks by adding links to Xbox Live, PSN or Steam is the most magical thing that happens when you sign up. Swoosh !— and you are all set up. And there are 500 games. And you haven’t played at least half of them (thanks for the sales, Gabe!).

When your library looks like this, you are a bit overwhelmed. On the one hand, you are proud of your collection. On the other hand, it’s hard to keep your games organized and search them when they are stored in different drawers.

So naturally, when we got down to work on improving the rawgers profiles, we started with the library, the heart of each gamer. Here’s what we have done to make things better.

First, we removed tabs and placed everything on one page. You don’t have to reload to check a different game category each time. Everything is placed on a single page, and you can quickly fold/unfold categories without loading. Of course, you can mass-edit games from different categories in one go.

Categories now have nice emoji-style pictures metaphorically describing your gaming experience. If you abandon some games, they will get dusty and web-covered in their boxes IRL. So we chose to have a cute spider web to represent abandoned games in your virtual library.

Uncategorized games in your library are now placed right at the top with the “Time to tidy it up!” call. Keep your library neat and organized and never forget about new things that you’ve just bought.

Secondly, we excluded wishlisted games from the overall count of games you own. I admit that it was weird that rawgers “had” their games in their libraries when they hadn’t bought them. Now the wishlist lives separately, and we have a few ideas to improve it in the future. But for now, you can enjoy your reality divided from your wishes!

Finally, what is perhaps the most important thing here, we placed an extra search bar inside your libraries. Now you can find if you have to buy something newly ported on Switch or if you already bought it on Steam 5 years ago and you just forgot about it (totally the case with me). Or you can search if your friend owns the game to play with them together.

Speaking of the search, as a part of this big roll-out we also revamped the RAWG.io/games/ page. Now you can search games there and add filters and sort them at the same time, a truly pro-gaming search.

One last thing. The one-click rating system now really takes just one click.

Let us know what you think! We are currently working on improving other parts of the profile, jump in our Discord to drop a few lines what you’d like to see there.

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