Sync your GOG library on RAWG

Since we launched the public beta of RAWG back in February 2018, 10% of all requests have been about adding more stores to import games from. One rawger even made this Chrome plugin to help you sync games not only from Steam, but also from GOG, Uplay, Origin,, Social Club, Discord, Epic Games and Bethesda… That’s a long list of stores, right?

Well, at least we can tick one thing off now. Last week, we finally made the synchronization with GOG.

GOG started developing “profiles” back in April. And after a while, it created dedicated pages for games libraries and let people share them with public privacy settings (here’s mine). This let us make the import feature without asking for credentials.

As with Steam, PSN and Xbox import, you can connect your GOG account in a few clicks. Just set your profile and game library to public and paste your username or the link to your profile on the settings page. If you do everything right, the import will take just a couple of seconds.

PC gamers are very important for us as an audience. For instance, the number of games added in rawgers’ libraries on PC is 8 times bigger than that on PS4 and 25 times bigger that that on Xbox. And the number of Steam and PSN profiles connected to rawgers’ profiles is roughly the same.

Our database lists 2,000 games on GOG. And we all know that some games sell better on GOG (e.g. The Witcher 3), some games are better optimized on GOG and it also has some games that you can’t buy on Steam. That’s why we are happy we can let our rawgers sync games with GOG too and keep track of their libraries across multiple platforms even more easily.