What’s new at RAWG. Discussions, 1-Click review and games for Android


Wow, new button!

Have you ever stumbled upon what seemed to be an interesting game but never made a decision because in 2017 beatiful screenshots and reviews from strangers are not enough? Yeah, we too. Would’t it be great to see which of your friends with similar tastes has tried the game and ask them if it’s worth the effort? You bet!

Our just launched “Discussions” are exactly for the task.

On every game page at RAWG you’ll find a list of your friends who played the game and an option to start a discussion and ask whatever you want about the game of choice. Is the game worth to be played, how to beat THAT level, share unique and memorable experience — you can post really anything you like. Created discussions will be posted to the game page and appear in the “Activity” screen, so anyone can comment and participate.

Some more minor but still useful new stuff:

1-Click Review

No more need to open the game page in order to rate it. Now you can rate and review games just by clicking the “Add/Edit” button and not leave the page you were at.


We continue to grow the games catalog and have added the most popular games for Android platform.

As always suggestions and bug reports are welcome at feedback@rawg.io.