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3 min readJan 17, 2021

Dr. Vijay Jadav, a veterinarian researcher and one of the first 100 paid users of RAx, says, “In my busy schedule, I don’t get enough time to explore papers related to my field of research. When I’m working, Mailer Digest helps me do just that. Every week with new suggestions, I can now move forward with the papers that are best suited for my research.

The questions that come about when contemplating the challenges researchers face are unending. ‘What would be your next read?’ ’Which literature would you use to further your research after you’ve read your current one?’, ‘Are you sure it’s to be prioritized based on your research focus?’ The list is long.

That is why when the question arises, ‘why develop the Mailer Digest?’ we had a sure-fire answer ready.

The Mailer Digest is a weekly newsletter that recommends papers based on the user’s current research focus and search history. It helps them in building their reading list while also keeping track of their preferences and priorities simultaneously. Mailer Digest users have found that it has even played a key role in bringing their research back on track. It even encourages them to get back to active research.

Our team discussed making the mailer digest even more useful for the researchers and in line with their research progress and here is what we have for you.

Our humble gratitude to the researchers like Dr. Vijay Jadav, who, with their constructive feedback, has helped us to develop the Next Read 1.0.

Key Improvement:

Taking a clue from your recent research focus, RAxBot compiles the list of the related papers. It helps you to find the best paper for your next read and assists you in prioritizing your reading list for your research.

Here is how it works:

RAxBot identifies your recent research focus by observing your research interest and the paper you are reading. It then looks for the most relevant literature available online and also in your reading list. You will receive the Next read 1.0 suggestions, customized to help your progress with the research.

Check out how it can be best used with this 2 min YouTube tutorial.

The process is that every week, our team will send you a Next Read email with a bunch of suggestions and paper from your literature list. To make sure you get the right and useful prompts from the Next read, please ensure:

  1. You have at least 15–20 papers (PDF) in your literature list on RAx: You can add a bunch of papers from your computer or online. P.S: Don’t worry about its relevance and the order in which you upload it. Leave it to us! That’s where we will help you.
  2. Make sure you are subscribed to the Next Read. To check, follow this method.

3. Make sure the sender is on your contact list. Google has a habit of putting the mailers in the promotions. To make sure that you receive Next Read in your primary inbox. Please follow these steps:

We are very grateful to our Community on Discord, who has encouraged us to develop with constant feedback. If you have innovative ideas or intelligent suggestions that could help us to improve so that we can contribute to your research, please do drop us an email or a message on our Community.



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