LGBT+ Resource List

This list is frequently updated so please comment if we’ve missed something
​[…] — applying to…
* — umbrella term
Heterosexual — The sexual attraction to someone of the opposite gender
Homosexual — The sexual attraction to someone of your same gender (also applies to non-binaries attracted to non-binaries)
Bisexual — The sexual attraction to any two genders (not just girl and boy)
Pansexual — The sexual attraction to all genders
Polysexual — The sexual attraction to more than 2 genders but not all
Asexual — The lack of sexual attraction (not to be confused with abstinence)
Aromantic — The lack of romantic attraction
Skoliosexual — The attraction to non-binaries
Gynesexual — The attraction to females and female appearance [non-binary]
Androsexual — The attraction to males and male appearance [non-binary]
Allosexual — Someone who is not ace, they experience sexual attraction
Cisgender — Identifying as your assigned gender
*Transgender — An umbrella term for people identifying as a different gender than you were assigned at birth (applies to non-binaries)
*Non-binary — Not identifying with the typical “binary genders” (male and female)
Neutrois — A neutral or null gender
Agender — Having no gender
Bigender — Identifying as a combination of two genders
Trigender — Identifying as a combination of three genders
Pangender — Identifying as a combination of all genders
Gender Fluid — Gender varies or isn't fixed, gender fluid people may at any time identify as male, female, neutrois, any other non-binary identity or any combination of the identities
Gender Flux — A gender identity when the strength of feelings of gender varies over time
Fluid Flux — A combination of gender fluid and gender flux where gender moves between two or more genders and fluctuates in intensity
Demigender — A demigirl or a demiboy only partially identifies with that gender but doesn’t necessarily identify as another gender
*Queer — Queer is an umbrella term used to refer to all members of LGBT+, previously used as an insult, it has been coined by the community and now is used in a positive way
Passing — Looking like a cisgender female or male [transgender]
In the closet — Refers to someone who isn’t out as LGBT+
Questioning — Someone who is questioning their gender, sexual orientation or romantic orientation
Packing — Wearing padding or a packer in front of the pants or underwear to give the appearance of having a penis
STP — Stand to Pee device, for transgender males to stand up to pee
Binding — Wearing a binder or a special bra to compress breast and give the appearance of a flat chest
Tucking — Many trans people choose to tuck for different reasons, getting rid of a bulge, ease dysphoria and allowing someone to feel comfortable and confident in their own body
Gaff — A “binder” for AMAB people that helps with tucking
Breast Form — Prosthetics that give the appearance of breasts
Identity — The gender(s) or lack of gender that you identify as
Expression — The way you choose to express yourself (does not have to match gender identity)
Sex — Based on chromosomes/body you were born in (does not have to match gender)
Gender Roles/Norms — A set of societal norms dictating what types of behaviors are considered appropriate for a person based on their sex or gender
Gender Binary — A model of gender that classifies all people into one of two genders, girl or boy
Dysphoria — Refers to negative feeling arising from gender experience, maybe including assigned gender different from one’s gender identity
AMAB — “Assigned Male At Birth”
AFAB — “Assigned Female At Birth”
Homophobia — The “fear” of the gays in addition to the prejudice and discrimination against people who hold a minority sexual identity
Bi-Erasure — When the existence or legitimacy of bisexuality (or any form of multisexuality) is questioned or denied
HRT — “Hormone Replacement Therapy”
Cisnormativity — The assumption that everyone is cisgender
Asexual Spectrum
Grey-Asexual — Rarely experience sexual attraction or only experience it under certain circumstances
Demisexual — Falls in the middle of the sexual spectrum, demisexuals don’t experience sexual attraction until a close emotional bond has been formed.
Polyamorous — The state of having multiple sexually or romantically committed relationships at the same time with the consent with all partners involved (not to be confused with cheating)
Androgynous — 
Physical Androgyne: Mix of male and female characteristics.
Psychological Androgyne: identifying somewhere between the male and female range of gender but not in either category
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