Beginning Entrepreneurship Through Ecommerce


Trying to expand my horizons

I was very curious about making my own business when I started becoming a writer on Medium in end of May 2019. I thought of using my following on that blog site to expand my possibilities of profiting from the internet. I wanted to create a brand that people can wear casually, exercise in, and wear to social events. The “For The People: Find What Represents You” is what I decided to name the store when in June 2020 I made a Shopify account. I had a free two-week trial, and started researching more about how to set…

Leadership 101 was very insightful and has helped shape me as a person. Usually, I don’t like to associate myself into groups, and would rather just get the assignment done. Initially as a senior this year, I did this class as a way to add extra credits to my coursework, help my GPA, and finish my GUR before I focus on finish my prerequisites for graduation next year. Throughout my life, I was someone who either did things by myself or usually did his own thing in the group.

For example, in 11th grade my AP US History…

Robinhood, Stash, Acorns, and more apps I’ve used on my journey

Disclaimer: I am still new to using brokerages, so I’m still learning!

I started using Stash around the same time (Early May 2019) as Acorns and the experience wasn’t much different. The few things that separated the companies was that Acorns was geared to a younger demographic, and Stash was for people that are past the level of understanding that newbies had. I’ll explain why.

With Stash, I used it differently than Acorns, even though they had a lot of the same abilities, which you can learn about from this old article I did.

I would use the…

Why being honorable is the way to go

Hey guys! This is a little piece where I explain my social failings and why I’m being myself more than ever now

Being younger, I wish I let people know how I truly was. A penchant for being a bit irritable instead of approachable. A loner versus a crowd pleaser. Many things I’m associated with that are used for statements/synonyms for being a kind person, and I desperately want to change the narrative I’ve placed on myself.

Many people who consider me a friend say I’m very personable, relatable, smiley, and good at talking to people. So essentially, a “nice”…

One of my first GUR classes that was more fun at the end than I thought it would be

My Backstory

My first time going to a play since 5th grade was on February 3rd, 2017 at the Western Washington University PAC, where the Dug theatre is located at. This was a requirement in order to pass the Theatre 101 so at first, I didn’t care too much about it. Then I was pleasantly surprised at how the thrust stage was very interactive for the audience. I initially was prepared by the second day of the Arms and the Man with no anticipation of a good performance due to pre-perceived ideas of plays from past experiences. Even though the script was…

Why aren’t there more teachers like this?

The teacher that had a big influence on my life was my middle school PE teacher named Mr. Koehler. He was one of the PE teachers for all my three years of middle school, and while I did have him again as a teacher for 8th grade, his importance to me was felt during my 7th grade year when I had him for the first time. I know it’s weird to say a PE teacher had a big influence on my life, but he really did. …

Can’t We Be Thankful Without Expressing The Negatives

The liberating and very reinvigorating break I had

I feel great after writing my latest article, “Should You Delete Your Articles?”. Since starting on May 29th, I have only allowed myself to not publish anything, even stuff such as letters or series or what I call “index”, for no longer than four days.

I started working my new 8–5 job as a Pharmacy Assistant for the past two weeks and I’ve been really busy. If you’ve read the indexes, you’ll see that my average articles are at least four per week. I still want to keep that up, but after going through my new job, I was rushing…

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