Taking your content to your audience

An article about finding your herd…

I’m gonna write this post in Yann Girard’s style.

Because I think that’s the natural flow of thoughts.

They visit our minds, piece by piece.

One at a time.

And I like Yann’s work.

And what he says.

So, I was saying…

If you are someone who creates content.

If you are someone who wants people’s attention.

If you are someone who is trying to build a business.

You need audience!

Your audience consumes your products.

Yann explained it better.

So, how would you find your audience?

How would you know, where they hangout?

Well, it’s your job to figure it out.

Once you do that, take your content there.

Don’t be stubborn enough to keep your content on your blog.

Or on your channel.

Or on your website.

It’s not helping your audience.

They are not finding your content anyway.

Because your blog/website is not where they hangout.

When no one sees your content.

The chances of it going viral are slim…

That’s the reason, I removed my brightest posts from my own publication…

…and published it on Hackernoon, recently.


Because that’s where my target audience is.

Because the people who hang out there are developers, designers and entrepreneurs.

Because I also identify as a developer and an entrepreneur.

I was publishing my content on my Medium publication.

But I was getting no attention.

It was heart breaking

I was not motivated enough

To publish more content

Maybe, my content was boring.

Maybe, I was not good enough.

Maybe… maybe…maybe

So, I decided to do something very different

I offered my good posts to other publications.

That’s when the miracle happened.

I found my right audience.

I finally took my content to a right place.

My content finally got some appreciation.

It finally got a decent amount of exposure.

My followers increased considerably.

I think it’s a way to go.

I will keep walking down this path now.

You too can try this trick.

If you want audience.

And some traction.

And some motivation to keep going.

And maybe some success in future.

Thanks for reading.

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Till next time…