Why I think YouTube’s new monetization update sucks

So, I also got “that” email, like most of you, yesterday, that my channel Rayn Studios does not deserve to be the part of YouTube’s Partner Program, as it does not have 4000 hours of watch-time and 1000 subscribers, within last 12 months.

According to me, this is YouTube’s way of saying:

Small YouTubers are unwanted, from a business point of view. Sure they can come to our platform and upload their stuff and “broadcast themselves” but we now want to direct the advertisement money only towards big production houses as they are the one who get most views and deserve to be paid for their content”.

I don’t really relate to their claim that since 99% of the affected channels are not making even $100 in an entire year, their monetization don’t mean much to them anyway. Well *news flash* it does! Maybe not from a financial point of view, but surely from a motivational point of view. It does.

One cannot survive on that little money but that money could have been utilised to upgrade the gear for shooting videos. Better production quality, can lead to more view, which in turn can lead to more retention on the platform and so on!

I am sure not all of the top creators are creating content, because they love creating videos. Many of them are in the game, because the money is good. I know many programmers who write code, because the money is good. They don’t love programming, they don’t have side projects or levelling up their dev game by reading more stuff, after office hours. Many top creators upload triggering content with click-bait-y thumbnails to create sensation. #loganpaul. Switch their monetization off for an year and see how many of them stay on the platform, because they love video creation and sharing their content *for free* (hypothetical scenario, I know).

Also, forcing small YouTubers to get 4000 hours of watch time, in order to be considered (yeah! considered! not accepted, into the YPP program) for an opportunity to earn something from their own content, is like asking a newbie developer to develop 5 iPhone apps, deploy them in App Store and then get 10000+ downloads, before he is considered employable. That’s messed up!

But! It’s their platform and it’s a business at the end of the day. They have to keep advertisers and their big fishes happy, so they’ve leverage. Small YouTubers just have to play catch ups. Earlier it was 10000 views, now it’s 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers.

Who knows, what’s gonna come next.
I got nothing to say to YouTube

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