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After Watch Movie Intern

Recently, I studying English by watching Intern movie. At the first time, I watched Intern with subtitles and then I watch Intern without subtitles. Even though I can only understand 10~20% of total conversations in the movie, I trying to figure out what characters are saying in the movie.

As watching the Intern movie again and again, I feel a little bit more comfortable, and I can more and more understand sentences and words in the movie.

And another great thing is I can learn great lessons from two main characters, Ben Whittaker (played Robert De Niro) and Jules Ostin (played Anne Hathaway). Ben has always a positive attitude to his life, individual and work both. After he retired work, he always looking for something to more getting better his life instead of he settle for the present. Even though his age is 70.

He applies to an intern program at an online shopping mall company, and he tries to help every people in the company. He doesn’t know about onling shopping business, he try to figure out how to help and add value to the company. He cleans the messy desk, helps someone who is faced with difficult situations.

Jules Ostin who is Another character in the movie is co-founder and CEO of online shopping mall company, named About the Fit. She has a great passion for her work. Most of all I really I like and respect her is she think important about basic, such as customer call, box packing, etc. I think it is one of the reasons why her company is successful.

As watch Intern movie, I really want to copy to them an attitude to work and life. Sometimes I think I hope to back, if my age is more younger… but I realize this think is not helpful for my life. I need more positive thinking, seeking more valuable things, and more passionate.

My age is 43. I had a bad experience when I was 30s. I was run my business but unfortunately, it was failed. It was first big fail in my life, so I don’t know how can I recover and how to I live from now. Maybe I was struggling for few years and I lost confidence.

At that time, probably I don’t know ways to receive help from others. Some people provide a chance to help me, but I didn’t receive help. Probably, I can’t saw and decide what is the right thing at that time.

Fortunately, I started to recover myself and confidence, even though I still recover 100%. I trying to get more confidence in work and individual life.

Two characters in Intern movie, Ben and Jules, inspire me. As I watching Intern movie, I decide and remind I trying to copy to them.

If there is someone who isn’t watching Intern movie yet, I strongly recommend watching Intern Movie.




I will write about my life story, think, Korean culture, Korean drama etc.

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Daehyun Lim (Ray)

Daehyun Lim (Ray)

I’m working in IT industry and I try to study English. I would like communicate with various people in here.

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