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The meaning of With-Corona policy

Recently several countries are started or planning With-Corona policy. With-Corona policy is to close almost restrictions against Coronavirus despite of Coronavirus new cases are continuously occur every single day. Today, I want to say about what is meaning With-Coronavirus to us.

First, the sign about we can’t live no longer under many restrictions.

We all have been living under so many restrictions since Coronavirus pandemic like lock down, limit visit facilities, prohibit travel and so on. It has been continue to for nearly 2 years. It seems like our world is freeze during the this time. I never seen any situations like this. Many people and companies are suffering by Coronavirus pandemic and our economic has been huge bad impact. Fortunately, Coronavirus vaccines are developed by pharmaceutical companies, so now many people are got fully vaccinated. Even though so many people who are living in underdeveloped countries are still not get Coronavirus vaccine yet, this situation will be resolved. It just only a matter of time.

As more and more people got the fully vaccinated, some governments started considering about how to close or lower the restrictions against Coronavirus. Because if not, the economy will face disastrous situation. The economic can working fine when people and companies are active normally. Until now, it is possible to our economic endure Coronavirus pandemic through government’s unprecedented stimulus policy, but it will impossible to continue to these kind of government’s stimulus.

Therefore, in my opinion, more and more countries will start With-Corona policy to back to normal like before the Coronavirus pandemic.

Second, there is no way to close Coronavirus entirely.

Probably, the reason why some countries are considering With Corona policy is that there is no way to eliminate Coronavirus 100%. Many healthy authorities are saying about there is no way to defeat Coronavirus, so we need to rethink we have to live with Coronavirus like flu. If the amount of production of Coronavirus vaccines are enough for all people worldwide, we can consider Coronavirus like flu and cold.

Third, getting decrease fatality as fully vaccinated people are increase.

According the recent data from health facilities and hospitals, we can see trend about getting decreasing of fatality as more and more people got fully vaccinated. If the fatality rate is very lower, we can consider Coronavirus as not serious disease. And then we can live normally like before the pandemic, also health facilities can focus serious cases more. The more good news is that Coronavirus pills are under developing by several pharmaceutical companies. If these pills will finish develop, we can control Coronavirus more easily. For example, when we get symptoms of Coronavirus, we can buy pill on the pharmacy, and then Coronavirus will become disease like cold, stomachache or headache.

In South Korea, the With-Coronavirus policy will start from next Monday (1st Nov, 2021). Many people worry about With-Coronavirus policy, but we have any other options to live like before the pandemic. I will take about Korea situation after start With-Corona policy one month from now, two months from now.



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