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Ray’s Life Story

We need to develop Resilience for Good life

During our lives, everyone must be faced with various setbacks and adversities. Perhaps we experience losing a job, lose money, have a conflict with other people, have failed to something, etc.

At that time, the most of needs for ours is resilience. Resilience can help lead us to a positive path and give power to can going to forward.

When I am 30 years old, I started my business. I have good confidence that I can succeed and my business plan was good. Additional, many people helping me. But finally, I fail and I had a lot of debt.

After I fail my business, some people try to help me which suggests entering their companies. But I didn’t. It is my mistake. Perhaps I was not a normal mental situation. At that time, I just only thinking about regret such as why I started my business, if I didn’t start my business, my life is better… etc.

Right, I haven’t resilience at that time. I only think regret and I search the problem of fail at outside not me. Maybe I struggled a few years under regret time. It is not helpful to my life.

After a few years, I realized that all problem is me and the key to new start my life exists in my mindfulness. I was trying to see the positive aspect, more confidence to myself, and believe myself.

After I mind differently before, my life is getting better. Even if my bank account still is not enough, I believe that my future will be better than today.

Nowadays, I thankful for I can work now, I can buy dinner or drink for my family and friend.

Moreover, I started to study English. When I decide started to study English due to the work, but now I think learning English is not only for work, it helps to improve my perspective. Because I can meet various friends from various countries and I can read various articles and books written English. It is really nice to experience for me.

If I didn’t realize that all problems are from me, I still live under a gloomy emotional state. So I love my current life, even if I have still so many problems and worries. Because I believe that I can overcome this problem and worries, and I will more good lives than today.



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