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Community Updates: September 2021

Hello, Razor fam!


Team Razor has been busy working on the technical features of the Razor Oracle network over the month of September. We’re constantly updating our smart contracts and our client interface in order to offer you not only world-class security but also a superior end-user experience.

We have another opportunity for you to stake and farm $RAZOR tokens. And more importantly, we’re back with the 3rd phase of our Ambassador Program Razor Knights!

Read on to know more about what has kept us all busy in the month of September.

Smart Contracts — Razor Network

We have made significant improvements in the smart contracts, enhancing security and reducing gas consumption for each transaction. A new feature has been added to the smart contract that will allow Razor users to request random number generation. We will soon add more details about this new feature in the official Razor Oracle Network documentation.

We have also put in significant effort in solving the security vulnerabilities and bugs discovered during the evaluation phase of our smart contracts. All our codes and smart contracts are subject to rigorous testing before they are deployed. The team is working hard to ensure that the additional features do not compromise quality or security.

RazorScan V2 — An Explorer

We have added new features to improve the user experience of RazorScan V2, the native Explorer for Razor Network. RazorScan V2 now has an additional tab where users can quickly get all the values for the Governance Parameters used in Razor Network Smart Contracts.

Moreover, for every Razor staker, we have added tiles to check their age, maturity, and influence in the Razor Network Smart Contracts. This is in accordance with the new influence mechanism introduced in the smart contracts.

Razor-Go — A Command Line Interface

The support for V0.1.6 Contracts has now been added to Razor-Go. Prospective stakers will be able to use the dockerized version of it. Our primary focus has been put on improving the user experience for prospective Razor stakers.

Presently, we are thoroughly testing these new features under various testing environments to ensure that all the elements in Razor-Go are working as expected.

$RAZOR farming opportunities on Dfyn DEX

We launched two new exciting farms for $RAZOR holders on Polygon (erstwhile Matic) Network on 7th September, collaborating with Dfyn Network, a DEX powered by Polygon. This comes after the sensational response to our previous $RAZOR farming opportunity in the UniFarm Cohort 20 last month.

Both the farms will run concurrently over a duration of 30 days from the launch date. Total farming rewards are 240,000 $RAZOR and 11K $DFYN tokens, split into the $RAZOR-$ETH and $RAZOR-$DFYN farming pools.

We are working on new farming opportunities for $RAZOR holders; the official announcements will follow as things progress and finalize.

Sticker Making Contest

We organized a Sticker Making Contest for the Razor community, with a reward pool of 10,000 $RAZOR. The stickers had to relate to Razor’s work and vision while not letting go of the fun angle.

The responses exceeded our expectations! Our community members put on their creative hats and came up with a range of wacky and entertaining stickers, which kept our spirits high as we worked round the clock to finalize the last details of our Incentivised testnet.

Check out the winning entries here — https://bit.ly/3B8HrAh

Razor Knights Program Phase 3

After the resounding success of the first 2 Razor Ambassador Programs, we are back with Phase 3 of Razor Knights.

We’re looking for passionate individuals who believe in our vision and would like to grow together with Razor. Content developers, artists, video producers, writers, community managers, social media influencers… everyone is welcome to apply.

All you have to do is take Razor’s message through different platforms in a fun and meaningful manner, such that more people can become familiar with our work and vision. We’re hoping to build an even stronger global Razor community through our Knights.

In return, not only would the Knights get rewarded for their contribution, but they would also be able to interact with the core Razor team closely. If selected, we would love to make you a part of the extended Razor family and listen to your feedback for matters related to the growth of Razor Network.

If you have what it takes to be a Knight, please do apply by filling up the Google form — https://forms.gle/Xj1VNC5ANYcehNtB8

Remember, the Google form is open till 10th October 2021 UTC.

Read more about Razor Knights Phase 3 here — https://bit.ly/3CUjwos

We have a lot more exciting news in store for our community over the coming weeks. A host of farming and staking opportunities await you. Don’t forget, the release of our incentivized testnet is just around the corner too. Official announcements will be made as things come along.

Stay tuned to the latest news from the world of Razor by following us on our social channels.

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