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TL;DR — We bring to you the most important updates from Razor Network for the month of February. As always, we have made UX updates to RazorScan. The amount of $RAZOR staked in contracts is rising, and Razor’s decentralized data feeds have been integrated into two of SKALE’s blockchain Hubs.

Hello, Razor community,

We have continued our trend of making technical upgrades to RazorScan. Our community members keep on validating their trust in Razor, as the amount of $RAZOR staked on the Razor Network has grown to 224 Million+. Razor’s decentralized oracles have been integrated into two of SKALE’s blockchain Hubs to make this month even sweeter for us.

Read on to learn all the critical updates from Razor for February.

Technical Updates


We understand how important it is to offer a seamless user experience on RazorScan, the block explorer for the Razor Network. With that aim in mind, we have made the following technical updates to RazorScan this month:

· sFUEL balance of the staker is now visible on the StakerInfo page.

· We have updated the consume data feeds modal and Razor smart contracts.

· New chains have been added on which the contracts have been deployed. The chains on which Razor data feeds are available are shown below:


The base code of Razor-Go, the official node for running stakers in Golang, has been refactored. Razor stakers will now experience significant improvements in the application without any change in the functionality.

$RAZOR Staked Increased to 224M+

The amount of $RAZOR staked or delegated on the Razor oracle network crossed the 224 million mark on the 15th of February. This is double the amount of $RAZOR staked compared to 20th January. We’re excited at the rate at which $RAZOR is getting staked, making the Razor oracle network more secure with each passing day. At the time of writing this article, 43% of the RAZOR’s circulating supply is staked on the Razor Network Oracle.

You can find more information at: https://razorscan.io/

Razor Data Feeds Launched on Two of SKALE’s Blockchain Hubs

Razor’s decentralized data feeds have been integrated into multiple Hubs on SKALE, the next-gen EVM-compliant blockchain that offers linear scaling. This integration will provide safe, secure, and reliable decentralized data to the NFT and Gaming ecosystem on SKALE. The SKALE network supports unlimited independent blockchains with zero gas fees, instant finality, and high transaction throughput.

Calypso NFT Hub

On 24th February, Razor data feeds were launched on SKALE’s official NFT hub Calypso, which provides an official launch point for SKALE NFT projects.

Razor’s integration with Calypso will enable NFT collectors, artists, and the broader NFT community to use price feeds of various assets completely decentralized manner on SKALE’s NFT hub. This will enhance transparency, reliability, and trust in the NFT ecosystem and lead to even greater adoption of NFTs.

Nebula Gaming Hub

On 28th February, Razor data feeds were launched on SKALE’s official gaming hub Nebula, which allows game developers to create and launch their games on the SKALE Network while providing players with a seamless gaming experience.

With this integration, developers can use Oracle’s truly decentralized data feeds to access secure and reliable off-chain data, such as price feeds or other real-world information, to in-game power mechanics or inform game outcomes. This will provide players with a more fair and transparent gaming experience.

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