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TL;DR — Here, we present all the important updates from the world of Razor for the month of January. We have fixed minor issues in RazorScan, and are ready to release the latest version, v1.0.6, of the Razor node. 42% of $RAZOR’s circulating supply is now staked on the Razor Network Oracle. Read more details.

Hello, Razor community,

The first month of this new year has come to a close, and with that, it’s time for the monthly community update.

In January, we worked as hard as ever, making technical updates in both RazorScan and the Razor node. January also saw the Razor staking program in association with EasyFi end at 87% capacity. The TVL of $RAZOR locked in the Razor Oracle also keeps increasing month on month, and on January 27th, it crossed $1.17 million!

Read on to learn more details about all the important updates from Razor for January.

RazorScan Updates

We have fixed minor bugs and site loading issues in RazorScan, the official block explorer for Razor Oracle Network. Apart from that, we have also pushed some technical updates which would enhance Razor’s site-wide performance and reliability.

With these upgrades, RazorScan will provide an even more streamlined user experience. Let us know if there are any other features you would like to see on RazorScan.

Razor Node Update to v1.0.6

The latest update of the Razor node (v1.0.6) is ready to be released to validators. We have cleaned up the code and refactored existing functions to improve the functionality of the Razor node in this version. More details will be made available when the latest version is officially released.

TVL in the Razor Network Oracle crosses $1.17 million

As Razor goes from strength to strength, the TVL (Total Value Locked) of $RAZOR tokens in the Razor Oracle Network keeps increasing. As of 20th January, 146 million+ $RAZOR are staked/delegated on the Razor Network Oracle. In terms of USD value, this amounts to $1.17 million!

The locked $RAZOR tokens make up 42% of all tokens which are in circulation! As tokens go out of circulation, lesser tokens remain to fulfill the market demand, leading to lower inflation. Higher TVL means higher economic security for Oracle, which validates the effort Team Razor has put into this product.

The latest TVL represented an increase of 10.6% since we published the last update on 21st December. We hope that this trend will continue for the following months as well. Fingers crossed!

You can support the Razor Oracle by delegating/staking on Razorscan.io here — https://razorscan.io/staking

$RAZOR Staking Pool with EasyFi Concludes at 87% Capacity

The $RAZOR staking program held in association with EasyFi (on the Polygon chain) has come to an end. Users who participated in this program got an APR of 32% and cumulatively filled up 87% of the total deposit available, making this program a resounding success.

Participants can withdraw their stake and yield by visiting here — https://app.easyfi.network/#/blend.

Rewards Distributed for Meme Contest

We announced winners and distributed rewards for the Razor Meme Contest held in association with YouMeme. Check out the winners below:

1. https://youmeme.com/meme/827d12cd-223f-4ecd-b7d1-844350fb0819

2. https://youmeme.com/meme/00de79c4-ca48-44dd-9a2b-e67960d346b1

3. https://youmeme.com/meme/c3de2ccc-c95b-4a51-83f2-24bd66b4c2ee

We were blown away by the entrants’ creativity and had a really difficult time choosing three winners from all the submissions. Chin up if you didn’t manage to win a prize, as more such contests will follow for you to showcase your creativity.

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