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Razor Community Updates — November 2022

TL;DR — We bring you all our important updates for the month of November. We have integrated more features in RazorScan, and are on the verge of releasing the Razor node v1.0.5 to validators. Our association with EasyFi is also going from strength to strength as more stakers are joining the $RAZOR staking programs.

Hello, Razor community;

November saw us make significant technical progress in both RazorScan and the upcoming Razor node v1.0.5. EasyFi continues to be one of our important partners, and we strengthened the bond further through AMAs on our social channels. And to top it all off, TVL in the Razor Network oracle touched $1,000,000+!

Read on to learn all the important updates from Razor for November.

RazorScan Updates

Our continuous effort to add more value to RazorScan continued through November as we integrated a host of useful features into our block explorer for the Razor network.

The feature set includes the following:

· Improved staking page speed

· Consuming data feeds code snippets on the collection page

· Accurately displaying circulating supply and percentage of circulating supply locked in the protocol on the home page

· Showing the influence of the staker in a more legible manner through charts

We hope you will find the features useful. Do let us know if you would like us to add any other features to RazorScan.

Razor Node Update to v1.0.5

Last month, we released Razor node v1.0.4. This month, we have been hard at work to upgrade it to the next version. v1.0.5 is being tested internally now, and we will soon release it to all validators to upgrade their nodes.

This update will be another step forward in our aim of providing Razor users with the best-in-class user experience when it comes to working with decentralized oracle networks.

AMA with EasyFi

Razor was invited to an AMA on the EasyFi Telegram channel on 8th November, where we discussed the developments so far and the road ahead for us. There was a prize pool of $100 worth of $RAZOR tokens for the best questions during the AMA.

Continuing the exchange of ideas, we invited Shantanu Sharma, VP of Growth & Marketing at EasyFi Network, to Razor’s Telegram channel for an AMA on 24th November. Apart from sharing the latest updates from EasyFi with the Razor community, Shantanu also described their Blend staking program, which is a combination of multichain configurable advanced smart contracts to implement fixed and predictable staking rewards programs.

You can read the excerpts of the AMA here: https://t.me/razornetwork/119166

TVL in the Razor Network Oracle touched $1 Million

In what is a monumental achievement for us, the TVL (Total Value Locked) in the Razor Network Oracle touched $1,000,000 on 7th November (link).

We had all been eagerly waiting for this moment, as this is tangible proof of the faith and trust our community members have in our product and vision. As of 30th November, $RAZOR locked in the Razor Network Oracle is 131.7 million $RAZOR.

You can support the Razor Oracle by delegating/staking on Razorscan.io here — https://razorscan.io/staking

InfStones Validator Node went Live

The InfStones validator node went live on 17th November, with a stake of 6.04 million $RAZOR and an APY of 35% currently (link). InfStones is a leading Web3 infrastructure platform, which provides services such as staking, API gateways, and node management, and supports over 70 blockchain protocols.

The association of InfStones in the Razor ecosystem is growing proof of how the industry is taking notice of the work that we have been doing for the past couple of years. We hope to see more industry leaders join us as validators in the near future.

Know more about InfStones’ validator here.

$RAZOR Staking Pool with EasyFi 70% Filled

Last month, we partnered with EasyFi BLEND to kickstart the $RAZOR staking program over the Polygon network, where participants can stake their $RAZOR tokens and receive a fixed APR of 32%. Tokens have to be staked for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days. The maximum pool size is 2,500,000 $RAZOR tokens.

It gives us immense pleasure to mention that the $RAZOR staking pool on Polygon is more than 70% full as of 27th November. If you’re interested to earn a fixed APR by staking your $RAZOR tokens, please do it at the earliest, as the total allocation is filling up at a rapid pace.

Access the Staking dashboard — https://app.easyfi.network/#/blend

Stay tuned to the latest news from the world of Razor by following us on our social channels.

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